An Update from President Jones
Regarding the Events of January 30, 2016
February 11, 2016

UAlbany President Robert J. Jones updates the campus community regarding the status of the investigation into the CDTA bus incident that took place January 30, 2016.

As I promised you, I am reaching out to give an update on where things stand with the incident that took place on the bus on our Uptown Campus on January 30.

As you know, this incident received a lot of attention in the news media. And it led to a lot of conversation here on campus.

This has been my top priority over the last two weeks. Let me share some of the actions we’ve taken.

I immediately formed an incident management team to advise me on our responses. That team meets with me every morning.

I have also personally connected with many individuals and groups across the University to share what I could and listen to their perspective. I have met with the Student Association, the University Senate, the academic deans, the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion, and the leaders of the Black Faculty and Staff Association and the leaders of Alianza Latina.

I’ve also communicated with parents, with alumni and friends of the University, and with community leaders, SUNY leaders, and elected officials.

Many people want to know what will happen to the individuals involved in this incident. There are two processes underway.

First is the criminal justice process. The University Police Department has completed its investigation and turned the evidence over to the District Attorney’s Office. The DA is reviewing the evidence and will decide what the next steps will be for the criminal justice process.

I want to thank our police for their work, and I want to thank all of the individuals who cooperated with them to help assure that this was a thorough investigation.

In addition to the criminal justice process, which is outside the University, we have an administrative process underway here on campus.

This is our Student Conduct process. As you know, the University at Albany has clear expectations for student behavior on and off campus. Those expectations are spelled out in our Student Code of Conduct. And the University has a clear, well-defined process for addressing allegations of conduct violations. If students are found to have violated the code, they are held accountable. You can learn more about this process by visiting our Student Conduct website.

Federal law prevents me from speaking about specific students or the details of particular conduct cases. But I can assure you that, as I said from the beginning of this incident, if any UAlbany students are found responsible for violating our code of conduct, then they will be held accountable.

I know that this University is a diverse and inclusive place. I have seen faculty, students and staff engaging in respectful and productive dialogues over the last two weeks, and I want to encourage us to continue that important process.

In the meantime, I want to keep the conversation going, and I will be hosting another in the series of Presidential Critical Conversations on February 23.

I invite all students, all faculty and all staff to participate in this campus conversation where, together, I hope we can continue to dialogue as a community. To explore what is to be learned from recent events. And consider how we can use it to improve our University.

Please watch for more details in the “Today at UAlbany” email that comes out each morning.

When this event first occurred, I asked all of us to show the world what we stand for as a diverse and inclusive University. We are doing just that and it makes me proud to be your president.

I look forward to dialoging with you on February 23.