Can you make a difference?

Yes, UCAN.


Jennifer was lost. A senior majoring in English, graduation was fast approaching and she was not feeling ready. While her resume was in good shape and her interviewing skills honed, she was looking for some advice from those who had already entered the “real world.” She contacted the Alumni Association.

The Association was ready to help and connected Jennifer with a handful of alumni in her field who could share their personal insights and advice. This spring, the Alumni Association is going
to be able to help hundreds, even thousands, of students and young alumni like Jennifer when they introduce UCAN, the UAlbany Career Advisory Network.

UCAN is an online advisement program that provides alumni with an effective means to help students and young graduates. For many, it is the ideal situation – a way to personally encourage and inspire with a minimal time commitment. Visit UCAN website.

For years, alumni have been providing advice and guidance through an informal alumni network. With UCAN, we’re creating an online database of alumni that can be an invaluable resource
students and young alums can tap into directly. Advising a student doesn’t involve a big commitment of time or resources, just a willingness to listen and share your experiences. I encourage anyone who can spare a few moments (15 minutes can do so much!) to become a UCAN advisor. For more information, contact Melissa Samuels at or (518) 442-3083.

And what about Jennifer? She made a connection with an alumna that had a huge impact. Together, they discussed Jennifer’s career path, classes, and extra-curricular activities. Now, she is well on her way to a bright beginning and pledges one day to be a career advisor herself.

UCAN make a difference.


Lee Serravillo
Executive Director
UAlbany Alumni Association