Student Spotlight

Amaury Muñoz ~ A "Fortunate" Young Man

By Greta Petry

Amaury Munoz pursues his passion for politics  at UAlbany and New York's capital

Amaury Muñoz is “passionate” about public policy and political science. The junior from Brentwood, N.Y., knew UAlbany, with its location in New York’s capital, was the ideal place “to pursue my political ambitions. The University offers opportunities no other college in the state can match: the endless number of internships available.”

As an intern in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Office of Regional Affairs, Muñoz researches matters affecting localities and towns; he also writes a brief updating the governor and other officials on important issues. One highlight of his internship experience was attending a press conference announcing a $4.4 billion investment by an international technology group to develop next-generation computer chip technology in New York State. Another was meeting Cuomo, Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, former President Bill Clinton, and Albany Mayor Gerald D. Jennings at a reception at the governor’s mansion.

Both experiences were “humbling,” notes Muñoz, who came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic with his family at age 15. “They made me realize how fortunate I am to have this internship.”

Raven Profit ~ Role Model

By Michael Parker

Raven Profit attends seminars year-round, coaching children in foster care on career and life skills

Raven Profit was thrust into the foster care system at 15 when her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. While an aunt eventually gained custody of the Queens, N.Y., native and her brother, Profit’s experience with the system made her determined to assist other foster children. The UAlbany junior now attends seminars year-round, explaining to youngsters in foster care the benefits available to them and coaching them on career and life skills.

Recalls Profit, who majors in human biology and women’s studies: “I was blessed to have a great
support system and access to a lot of programs. I know how vital they are to children in foster care.”

Profit plans to pursue a medical degree so that she can provide affordable health care to the disadvantaged.