What’s UAlbany Like?

Some students who give their opinions of UAlbany: left to right, Brandi Boynton, Amy Vele, and Tyler Althoff and Yonathan Aharoni, (Photos by Jhoanna Haro) 

ALBANY, N.Y. (December 1, 2016) — It’s already hard enough making the decision to go to college, and then comes choosing a major. But the biggest and hardest decision out of all is where to go.

There are several factors to take into consideration: the atmosphere, the people, the programs, and perhaps the physical layout and look of the campus. So, what draws students to UAlbany?

Well, for one thing, many current students say that UAlbany stays true to its promise of diversity. For several students, like Zack Cuzo, this has been a major strength. Cuzo, a junior studying journalism who comes from Florida, N.Y., said at UAlbany he found a unique diversity that has been “life changing and eye opening.”

“UAlbany teaches you about forming relationships with others who probably have a different perspective than you. But it also teaches you to be open about all perspectives — it’s an educational learning experience,” he said.

For some, diversity in an educational setting isn’t new, and that’s what made the University a good fit. Amy Vele, also a junior studying journalism, comes from Peekskill, N.Y., a place she describes as having people from all backgrounds. She found the same atmosphere at UAlbany; it was one of the reasons she chose to enroll. “It made me feel comfortable,” she said.

UAlbany students

Lyza Liriano and Zack Cuzo

The student body is not UAlbany’s only attraction. Academic excellence, such as that offered by the School of Business, was key in drawing as juniors Tyler Althoff, studying business administration, and Yonathan Aharoni, studying accounting and business administration. “The people here are nice and friendly but the business program here, which is really good, was essential for my decision,” said Althoff.

Aharoni said this semester his favorite course is ACC 311, “Financial Accounting Theory,” and although it’s very hard, he enjoys the challenge and acknowledges the professor for being helpful and preparing him well.

A Campus Built for Convenience, Collaboration

Althoff and Aharoni, who are friends, also appreciate the University’s facilities, particularly some of the most recent construction. Their ideal place to gather for study is the Massry Center for Business, due to its collaborative learning atmosphere and the privacy of its rooms.

Freshman Brandi Boynton, who is studying biology, said her favorite course this semester is Social Problems, where everyone can express their opinion about worldwide issues.

She too is a fan of the campus’s layout. “It’s an open place with a big fountain, great for socializing and perfect to hang out with friends,” she said. And when it’s time to get down to serious study, the first floor of the main University Library is where she goes. “Everyone is there to get their work done,” said Boynton. “Certain zones, like the quiet zones, are never distracting.”

The University Library is a popular spot for many. Liza Liriano, a sophomore studying communication, said it is attractive because of its different zones, such as the quiet and collaborative areas. “And, no matter what, there will always be a seat and chair available for anyone to study.”

Cuzo agreed. The basement periodicals section in University Library is his "spot" to gather with friends to study. “It’s a quiet area but it also allows you to socialize, so it’s a fun and engaging atmosphere,” Cuzo said.

He added that, besides academics and good places to meet with friends, the design of UAlbany compared to other schools, which are more spread out, immediately caught his eye. He likes, for instance, that the classrooms are all close to each other and the quads are within walking distance.

“UAlbany’s architectural design is nice and easy for getting to classes and the dorms — it's very organized and compact," he said.

So why UAlbany? Academics. A diverse atmosphere. A place to study. Of those queried, Amy Vele may have summed it up best. "It’s a great SUNY school with a pretty structure and many opportunities, and if you’re looking for new friendships this is the right place for making new connections,” she said.

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