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The Office of Student Involvement is proud to introduce a user-friendly online platform for ticket sales & event registration.  Available to student organizations and departments to facilitate event planning, UAlbany Event Tickets also allows all members of the campus community to buy tickets for campus events at their convenience.  No more waiting in line.  No more wondering when an event is happening or if tickets are still on sale.  No more worrying about losing your paper ticket.

UAlbany Event Tickets.  It’s time.  Set-up your account now!

Other Important Resources

Purchasing Tickets

  • To view upcoming events and purchase tickets, visit UAlbany Event Tickets.
  • University accounts are available to currently registered students, as well as faculty & staff.  Friends of the university may register with a General Public account.
  • You must log-in and create an account profile before you can purchase your first ticket.  UAlbany community members will sign in with their NetID and password.


Registering an Event

If you are a member of a registered UAlbany student organization or department and would like to have your event featured on UAlbany Event Tickets for ticket sales or event registration, complete a UAlbany Event Tickets Request Form on



Where can I request UAlbany Event Tickets?
You must submit a UAlbany Event Tickets Request Form via MyInvolvement. Search for “UAlbany Event Tickets” as the organization and navigate to the forms section – fill out the “Ticket Request Form”. Please allow up to 48 BUSINESS hours after your submission for a response from the UAlbany Event Tickets Customer Service Team. In addition, if your event is taking place off-campus, you MUST submit an additional “Off-Campus Event Registration” form, which can be found on the Student Organization Resource Center MyInvolvement page.

My event is off-campus? Can I still use UAlbany Event Tickets?
Yes! You must submit the “Ticket Request Form” (located on the UAlbany Event Tickets MyInvolvement page) and an additional form titled “Off-campus Event Registration Form” (located on the Student Organization Resource Center MyInvolvement page).

Is it too late to submit a request for UAlbany Event Tickets?
Request should be submitted 3 WEEKS in advance of your event for approval. Any request submitted after the 3 weeks will be reviewed, however approval is NOT guaranteed.

Are UAlbany Event Tickets Required for my event?
According to Student Association guidelines, ALL campus events charging an admission fee MUST solely use UAlbany Event Tickets for all transactions. Door sales and other monetary transactions are prohibited. Please speak to a representative in Student Association for further questions or concerns.

Can I stagger ticket prices? (Ticket Price Inflation)
Yes, we are able to accommodate inflation tickets for your event. In the Event Tickets Request Form via MyInvolvement, there is a section for you to provide the details of staggering sales. Indicate the number of tickets to be sold at a certain price, as well as the dates you would like them to go on sale!
For Example:
$7 tickets go on sale at 4/4/17 (100 qty)
$10 tickets go on sale at 4/7/17 (remaining)

How do I get complimentary event tickets?
Please indicate in “additional comments” section of the Event Tickets Request Form via MyInvolvement the amount of complimentary tickets you would like to receive.

How often am I able to get a Ticket Inventory Report for my event, once it is live?
The Event Tickets Graduate Assistant will be in contact with the primary contact noted on the Ticket Request Form. Ticket Inventory will be provided to the primary contact from the Graduate Assistant on a daily basis.

Is the processing fee mandatory?
Yes, the $0.50 processing fee is mandatory for all events, EXCEPT free events. Free events have no processing fee. You will have the option to list the processing fee as a separate transaction, visible to the customer, or to have the processing fee invisible to the customer, and added to the ticket price.

*Please keep in mind that UAlbany Event Tickets is NOT the vendor or liaison for your campus event, therefore any specific event inquiries you may have, outside of UAlbany Event Tickets, should be reported to the necessary departments.*


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