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Option Transfer Period Information 

The 2019 Option Transfer Period runs through January 18, 2019. During this period, employees may change their New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) plan option for the 2019 plan year. 


Option Transfer Period Information and Instructions Top

During the annual health insurance option period starting on December 10, 2018 and continuing through January 18, 2019 you may:
  • Change your health insurance plan (insurance carrier);
  • Change your coverage from Family to Individual without a qualifying event;
  • Cancel your coverage entirely, and if eligible Opt-Out of NYSHIP for incentive payment. 

In addition, 2018 Opt-Out Program participants may:

  • Change your option and elect to enroll in health insurance during the 2019 plan year;
  • Re-enroll in the Opt-Out Program for the 2019 plan year.
    *The Opt-Out Program is not being continued into 2019 for UUP-represented employees.

Changes will go into effect on December 27, 2018. Complete a  PS-404 Health Insurance Transaction Form  if you will be changing your health insurance option. Forms must be received in the Employee Benefits office by January 18, 2019.

To change your health insurance plan (insurance carrier):

To change from Family to Individual health insurance coverage or cancel your coverage without opting out (if Opt-Out Program eligibility requirements are not met):

There are five health insurance plan choices available to UAlbany employees: 

 Plan Name
Plan Code Number
The Empire Plan
Empire BlueCross BlueShield HMO

Insurance information, rates, benefits, and deadlines can be obtained by visiting or You may also call or visit the Benefits Office if you have questions.

If you wish to keep your current insurance carrier as your election for 2019, you do not need to take any action during the Option Transfer Period.

Employee Benefits Office Contact Information  Top

You may mail, deliver, or fax your insurance forms to the attention of the Health Benefits administrator at:

Employee Benefits
Office of Human Resources Management
University at Albany
1400 Washington Ave - UAB 300
Albany, NY 12222
Phone: (518) 437-4729 
Office Hours: M-F, 8:00am to 5:00pm

*Please note that we are unable to accept faxed or emailed documents that contain Social Security Numbers.

Option Transfer Choices, Rates, and Opt-Out Period  Top

Health Insurance Plan Choices
  • CHOICES 2019 - Includes benefit information for each of the available insurance plans.
  • CHOICES 2019 Supplement - for UUP and CSEA-represented employees.
  • A Summary of Benefits and Coverage, which provides more detailed information than the CHOICES booklet is available for each plan.  Use the link provided to obtain these documents or obtain them by calling Civil Service/NYSHIP at 1-877-769-7447.

Health Insurance Rates



Health Insurance Opt-Out Program  Top

The Opt-out Program allows eligible employees who have other employer-sponsored group health insurance, to opt out of their NYSHIP coverage in exchange for an annual incentive payment of $1,000 for waiving Individual coverage, or $3,000 for waiving Family coverage. Additional details, including eligibility requirements can be found on page 3 of Planning for Option Transfer. 

To cancel your coverage and elect to participate in the Opt-out Program for an incentive payment, or to continue participation in the Opt-Out Program during the 2019 plan year:

  • On page 1 of the PS-404, Complete items 1-10.
  • On page 2, check item 14, Elect Opt-Out (if eligible) and select individual or family. If you are re-opting out of family coverage, information for all eligible dependents must be listed in section 13.
  • Sign and date the PS-404 authorization section at the bottom of page 2.
  • Complete and sign the PS-409 Opt-Out Attestation Form to attest to having other employer-sponsored group coverageAll sections of this form must be completed in order for it to be processed.
  • Attach proof of other coverage (copy of other group employer health insurance card, or signed statement on other employer's letterhead confirming current coverage).
  • Mail or deliver BOTH forms with proof of other coverage, using the contact information below. Opt-out submissions that do not include both forms will be considered incomplete and not processed. Forms must be received in the Employee Benefits Office by January 18, 2019.
  • SAMPLE Completed PS-404 and PS-409 - Electing or Re-Electing Opt-Out Participation.

You must re-enroll in the Opt-Out Program annually. This election does not carry over from year to year.
*The Opt-Out Program is not being continued into 2019 for UUP-represented employees.