Microarray & NGS: Sample Submission

Please, follow the procedures below for Sample Submission for labeling and/or hybridization.

The Facility is accessible to any academic investigators from any institution as well as clients from industry. Prior to sending samples, investigators are encouraged to contact the Facility to discuss the required analysis.

The contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Shipping Instructions

Each sample should be provided in a single 1.5 mL microfuge tube with the initials of the Principle Investigator and a sample number written on the top.

  • Purified RNA
    RNA in water should be shipped on enough dry ice to cover the tubes entirely and with enough excess ice to allow for sublimation during shipping. RNA in ethanol should be well-sealed (snap cap with parafilm or screw cap) and can be shipped using gel ice packs or on dry ice.
  • Purified DNA
    Gel ice packs can be used for shipping.
  • Tissue samples
    Samples treated in RNAlater (Qiagen) can be shipped at room temperature. Otherwise, tissues should be collected with consideration given to the effects of RNAses – i.e. isolation or dissection should be done swiftly with RNAse-free instruments and collection tubes, then flash-frozen to -80°C. Samples thus collected can then be shipped to us on dry ice.
  • Cell pellets
    Cell pellets (washed with PBS) can be flash frozen to -80°C and shipped on dry ice, or the pelleted cells can be resuspended in Trizol (2 mL), then flash frozen and shipped on dry ice.For adherent cells, wash plate/flask with PBS, add Trizol directly to plate, coat the surface. The cells will slough off after 2 minutes. Pipette cell in Trizol to RNAse free tube, freeze and ship on dry ice.


Contact Information

Core Director

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Marcy Kuentzel, M.S.

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Andrew Hayden, B.S.

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