Uptown Campus – Podium Canopy Repair

September 2021

Background \ Overview:

This project is part of a larger campus initiative for the care of the Edward D. Stone architecture. This is the first phase of a comprehensive, multi-phase restoration project across the campus. This project is part of a strategy to address the long-term preservation of the iconic concrete of the Uptown Campus architecture and relies on both modern technical advances with materials, as well as fine artistry to skillfully make repairs. The results are dramatic yet unassuming and assure a safe, long-lasting facility.

Project Description

This project is addressing the Podium level to the roof level of the Podium buildings. The scope includes the cleaning and repair of cracks in the concrete columns, canopies and building pilasters and precast panels. Additionally, the uneven wearing of the concrete surfaces is being skillfully restored to showcase a natural white concrete as originally designed. The contractor will be accessing these surfaces with various lifts and will be protecting the windows and frames while applying protective coatings. Construction joints are also being addressed.

Project Dates:

  • Phase 1 – Chemistry and Physics – Summer 2021
  • Phase 2 – Campus Center – Summer + 2022
  • Phase 3 – Taconic and Humanities 2023

Project Progress as of September 2021:

The contractor has completed all of the joint removals and in the process of applying the patching and finishing materials. Work will conclude within approximately one month, as the temperatures drop and are prohibitive for this type of work.

Project Photos \ Renderings:
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