GET: SUNYCard Online Services

UAS has made SUNYCard transactions easier, faster and more convenient. GET features a new and improved user interface with advanced security measures and notification alerts.  

G-E-T text logo surrounded by a blue and green circle.

  • Deactivate a lost SUNYCard

  • Reactive a found SUNYCard

  • Add funds to accounts

  • Send money requests

  • Gift options for family and friends

  • Upload SUNYCard picture

  • Check SUNYCard balances

    • Remaining meal swipes
    • Munch Money
    • Podium
    • Faculty/Staff Dining Funds
    • Campus Gold


How to access GET: SUNYCard Online Services



Access GET via MyUalbany under the Campus Life tab or

Access GET via MyUAlbany under the Financial tab



Click the image below for detailed instructions on how to

deactivate your lost SUNYCard.

 Thumbnail image with text Oh, No! I lost my SUNYCard