Refund Status

Financial aid refunds are issued as funds are received. The earliest a refund can be processed is 10 days prior to the start of a semester. You may check on MyUAlbany to see if any refunds have been written. They will appear as “Student Refund” on your account activity page. Paper refund checks are mailed out on the next business day after they are written. E-Refunds usually appear on your bank account statement after three business days.

If you see on your MyUAlbany page that an E-Refund was issued to you more than three business day ago, but you have not yet received it, please check that your routing and account numbers are correctly entered on If so, please call your bank to see if they are holding any credits for your account.

If either your account or routing numbers are incorrect please e-mail us as E-Refunds with incorrect account information are returned to the University and the funds are then re-posted to the student’s account. A paper check is then written. This process usually takes two weeks.

Questions can be directed to, or by calling the Student Financial Center at (518) 442-3202