Cross Registration – Hudson/Mohawk Association of Colleges & Universities

Full-time graduate students seeking to individualize their graduate programs with advanced specialized study in elective course work not offered by the University at Albany may pursue access to such course work through other Hudson/Mohawk Association institutions. This cooperative program between the local institutions is intended to promote advanced inquiry within the elective parameters of our degree programs. Students are responsible for tuition at the home (UAlbany) campus. That is, University at Albany students are responsible for tuition for a cross registered course as part of their University at Albany bill. Other minor charges such as course and /or parking fees may be incurred at the institution delivering the course work.

The Cross Registration program, with its very specific intent, is administered jointly by Association members and involves a structured and restrictive application and enrollment process. Notable are the requirements that a proposed course for cross registration is that which is:

not offered by the home campus at all, at any time. If the home campus offers a comparable course, even if not scheduled during the desired term or time of enrollment, then cross registration will not be approved.

acceptable as elective credit toward the degree program on the home campus, as demonstrated by faculty advisor signature. Course work of interest, but not applicable to the degree program, is not eligible for cross registration approval.

Students seeking to cross register for course work under the terms of the HMACU program should discuss their interests for such with his or her academic advisor. If it is determined that such enrollment will enhance the graduate program of the student, the Cross Registration Request Form should be completed and signed by both student and faculty member, then presented at the Office of the Registrar for home campus authorization. Upon home campus authorization in the Registrar's Office, the student then contacts the proposed host institution to request course entry/enrollment. If approved by the host institution, the student will return to the Registrar's Office to obtain authorization for enrollment in the appropriate cross registration marker course at UAlbany.


Cross Registration Request Form and Guidelines