About Graduate Studies

Graduate students come from all over the world to pursue their studies at UAlbany. Here are some of the leading reasons why:

Strong academic programs taught by leading scholars and researchers
Graduate programs at UAlbany are among the best in the U.S., with fields as diverse as Public Administration, Africana Studies, Nanoscale Science & Engineering, and Social Welfare all earning prestigious national rankings.

Applying is easy
Whether you plan to earn a graduate degree or take classes as a non-degree student,applying for graduate study at UAlbany is straightforward and hassle-free. To see the process and requirements for your program of choice, check Graduate Degree Look-Up.

Tremendous facilities
At UAlbany, advanced study is abetted by first-rate physical resources in many areas, among them:

A region rich with opportunity
UAlbany’s strategic location in the capital city of New York provides a wealth of opportunities for professional experience, research projects, career networking, and more. From technology to government, Albany will put “The World Within Reach” for you.

A broad worldview
Graduate students at UAlbany come from more than 100 nations and bring with them distinctive and enriching perspectives. In class and out, you’ll find spirited conversation, learn of other cultures, and broaden your own outlook on the world.

Exceptional value
A graduate education a superb investment and UAlbany makes it an especially good deal. A wide variety of  Financial Aid opportunities includes graduate assistantships in most fields as well as aid via federal and state loans. Moreover, the University supports many students who have participated in a number of selected opportunity programs as undergrads. Full tuition scholarships are available for those eligible.

Interested in University at Albany graduate study? Search through our website. Then plan a visit to UAlbany. We’d love to show you around.