Quantitative PCR is a powerful, highly sensitive technique that can be used to quantitate gene expression, determine gene copy number, detect SNPs, and detect DNA from viral and bacterial microorganisms.

The CFG utilizes Applied Biosystems 7900HT and 5700 Sequence Detection Systems to perform qPCR experiments. Our 7900HT system is equipped with both 96- and 384-well blocks to facilitate high throughput analysis. We support both SybrGreen and Taqman reaction chemistries. With Taqman chemistry, a labeled probe is included in the reaction to enhance the specificity and sensitivity of target sequence detection. With SyberGreen chemistry, amplified product is detected by its interaction with the SyberGreen fluorescent dye, which selectively binds to double-stranded DNA templates. SyberGreen chemistry is less expensive, but generally requires more effort to optimize reactions. Although the Taqman chemistry is more expensive, it generally provides better specificity without the need for extensive optimization. We also offer primer and probe design services.

To arrange for custom services, please contact Dr. John Tine, Director of the Molecular Genetics Core Facility, by phone (518-591-7212) or e-mail.


Please, contact us about pricing for Non-Academic institutions

Taqman Chemistry Academic
Taqman qPCR optimization $950
Taqman qPCR, per sample $20
Taqman RT-qPCR, per sample $30
Primer/probe design, per target $20
SyberGreen Chemistry
SyberGreen qPCR optimization $1,250
SyberGreen qPCR, per sample $15
SyberGreen RT-qPCR, per sample $25
Primer pair design, per target $20