The Microarray Core Facility is a component of the UAlbany Center for Functional Genomics and was established to provide the infrastructure to enable the development of major projects that utilize DNA microarrays for large scale analysis of gene expression. The DNA Microarray Center currently has the ability to run microarrays from various vendors (Affymetrix GeneChip, Agilent Sureselect and Nimblegen) as well as others that have been developed by academia or other organizations on a standard slide format. We offer microarray services to probe gene expression, gene regulation, exon splicing as well as epigenetics

The DNA Microarray Center also provides bioinformatics tools for further analysis of the results of microarray experiments.

The Facility provides the following services to investigators from any academic institution as well as corporate customers.

Affymetrix GeneChip Analysis: Affymetrix´s proprietary GeneChip technology utilizes photolithography based in–situ synthesis of arrays containing 25–mer oligonucleotide probes. We provide gene expression (3´–IVT, Gene ST and Transcriptome arrays), gene regulation (Tiling) and miRNA on the GeneChip cartridge platform. The core has a lot of experience in working with small samples (LCM, biopsies, flow sorted cells and immunoprecipitated material)

Agilent microarray Analysis: Agilent´s proprietary SurePrint technology uses an inkjet, non–contact printing process to produce glass arrays containing 60–mer oligonucleotide probes.We provide gene expression (custom or whole genome), gene regulation (Promoter Tiling), miRNA, epigenetic pr ofiling (DNA Methylation) on the Agilent platform. The core has a lot of experience in working with small samples (LCM, biopsies, flow sorted cells and immunoprecipitated material)

Custom microarray analysis: The core can also provide services on any custom arrays supplied by the end user. We have used many such slides spotted at other institutions for 1– or 2–color microarray analysis. Protein or cytokine arrays have also been scanned at our facility.

Superarray Analysis: The core can provide services on qPCR arrays provided by SABiosciences/Qiagen.

RNA/DNA isolation and QC: We can isolate total RNA, mRNA, small RNA, immunoprecipitated RNA and genomic DNA from a wide variety of samples including cell lines, eukaryotic tissues, prokaryotic cultures and plants. We also offer RNA, small RNA and DNA assays on the Agilent Bioanalyzer in order to check the integrity of your sample.

data mining

Data mining Services: The Core Facility has a variety of academic and commercial data mining software including GeneSpring (Agilent), Agilent Genome Workbench, Roche DEVA Expression Console and Transcriptome Analysis Console (Affymetrix).

qPCR assay

Validation of expression analysis data: The facility offers a myriad of services for validation of gene expression data including Sybyr Green and Taqman quantitative PCR assays.

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