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Financial Aid Calendar

Spring Calendar - 2014

December 30 Campus Gold Available Until February 4, 2014
January 1 FAFSA Available Online (Summer,Fall,Spring)
3 University at Albany Foundation Endowed Scholarships Application Open
15 University at Albany Alumni Association Scholarships Application Open
University at Albany School of Business Scholarships Application Open
February 4 Spring Pell Census Date
22 APTS Spring Application Deadline
March 1 Spring NYS Tuition Residency Application Spring Deadline
  7 Last day to file UAlbany Alumni Association Scholarships Application
  Last day to file UAlbany School of Business Application
  15 FAFSA Filing Priority Consideration Date for Prospective Undergrads
  16-31 Freshmen Award Letter Mailings Begin
April 15 FAFSA Filing Priority Consideration Date for Continuing Undergrads
16 Summer Aid Application Available through MyUAlbany
May 15 Summer Aid Application Filing Priority Consideration Date
  16 Summer Stafford Disbursements Start
27 New Graduate Award Letters Start

Important TAP Dates

TAP Application Deadline The NYSHESC TAP application deadline is June 30 of the academic year for which aid is sought.

Spring 2014
TAP Dates
Student Action
January 22, 2014 Students must meet good academic standing, citizenship, residency, and high school graduation requirements.
February 19, 2014 Before this date, students must meet full-time study, matriculation, approved program, and tuition liability requirements.
March 6, 2014 Before this date, juniors must have a major declared.