Social Norms Graduate Student Practicum

Each spring the University Counseling Center welcomes applications from various departments and schools for an intensive practicum in prevention work using social norms theory and interventions.

Briefly, according to social norms theory, a student’s behavior is influenced by their perception of how other students think and act. Unfortunately, their perceptions are often incorrect and support or encourage engaging in high risk activities such as, for example, excessive drinking. The intervention strategy is to gather credible information from students in critical areas and design large and small scale interventions, typically using social marketing campaigns, to present the facts and promote accurate norms. Social norm campaigns target the general student population, as well as specific populations of concern.

The Social Norms Graduate Student Practicum provides an excellent opportunity for students to work closely with Center staff designing, implementing, and evaluating social norm campaigns and interventions on campus. The experience provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills and explore interests in health promotion, marketing research, program planning and public health. The practicum is designed to give students practical experience in health promotion work under close supervision.

Inquiries should be directed to:

Brian Freidenberg, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Addictive Behaviors Specialist
University Counseling Center
400 Patroon Creek Boulevard Suite 104
Albany, NY 12206
Phone: 518-442-5800
Fax: 518-442-3096