Alumni Profiles


John Troiano, B.A.’83

John Troiano in Kathmandu

Last fall, globetrotting alumnus John P. Troiano, who was profiled in the Winter 2008 UAlbany (“Man of Adventure”), took another exciting trip: a two-week visit to Kathmandu. Pictured here second from left, Troiano and three of his friends – including Nate Harris, second from right – “trekked for five days. The [other] men in the picture are called ‘sadhus’; the place we were visiting is Pashupatinath, which is outside Kathmandu.”

Troiano and his fellow tourists “have all been married about 20 years or longer, and I joke that our wives, at this point, encourage us to go away on these types of excursions!” The senior vice president and branch manager of Troiano Wealth Advisory Group in Portsmouth, N.H., likes “to get out of the office every now and then,” and wishes more people were “able to visit other countries and experience different cultures. They would find that the majority of people are peaceful and kind.”