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Florence Levinson has moved to be near her family. Her new address is The Gables, 299 Cambridge St., #234, Winchester, MA 01890.


A note from your class councilor: Charlie Quinn is recovering in a rehab facility after blood pressure issues; his wife, Marion Duffy ’42, is on the second floor of the facility, as well. Josephine Autilo Sano was supposed to represent the Class of 1941 at our reunion, but, unfortunately, could not make it. Mim Newell continues to write her successful books. Shirley Tooker resides alone at her home in Quoque, Long Island, and is in good spirits. Herb Oksola and his wife, Ruth, now live in an independent living facility near their son in Westchester, Pa., after many years in Pittsford, Mass. Both are well. Harvey Klaus lives in New Jersey, near his daughter, and is active as can be. Janet Brusacker Mathews is living in Westford, N.Y., near one of her daughters. Helen Buzz Miller is holding her own in Deming, N.M. Your class councilor, Dr. Vincent Gillen, moved with his wife Margaret to New Bern, N.C., and resides in an independent living facility. His address is Apartment 12, McCarthy Square, New Bern, NC 28562. His email is [email protected], and his phone number is (252) 638-1948. This marks Vincent’s 22nd consecutive year as Class of 1941 councilor. He is the only member of the class to make it onto the 20-year-or-more honor roll plaque, which is located on the second floor of the Alumni House. Please send all comments to him.

Class notes councilor: Vince Gillen, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: Our accomplishment for the second half of 2012 was the organization of the reunion of “The Greatest Generation” for classes from 1940 through 1949. Forty-two people attended on July 28. Former 1948 class members Isabel Cooper Baker, Roberta Van Auken Glatz, Theresa Mahoney, Wanda Tomasik Methe, Jane O’Brien, Gari Deliganis Paticopoulos, Eileen Abrams Petterson and I (Eleanor Alland) attended. Joseph Zanchelli ’49 was master of ceremonies; welcome remarks were made by Canon Kay Hotaling ’67, ’70, president of the Alumni Association, and by George Philip ’69, ’73, president of the University. A short film made in the 1940s showed many aspects of the New York State College for Teachers, from our initial interviews as prospective freshmen to many of the exciting events that took place at the college. Many pictures were taken, and people seemed anxious to say a few words about their experiences and remembrances of their years at school. The affair was most enjoyable, and the Alumni Association was so helpful that we all applauded the people who worked toward the completion of the event. Joan Sittner Sherwood sends news from Richland, Wash., that she continues with her volunteer work. She enjoyed doing an oral history of Richland; it can be found at She finally turned in her VW convertible for a BMW X3. Sam Dickieson and wife Dorothy ’47 celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary Dec. 21. They met at the Campus Day dance in the fall of 1946, and Sam says that he knew then that she was the girl he was going to marry. Ruth and Jim Elmore report from Orange City, Fla., about the wonderful community where they live, enjoying gourmet-type meals and meeting other friendly seniors. Last spring, they enjoyed a 24-day cruise on the northern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Ruth still continues to teach computer courses to seniors in their community. She assigns homework, but no tests. Helen Kisiel Schick reports from Long Island that her area was luckier than other parts where Hurricane Sandy blew up the coast. They were without power for the better part of the week, but a generator provided each room with some limited power. They survived without TV, phones, computers and ovens, and everyone was really thankful at Thanksgiving time. On Oct.10, I was honored to be one of the 33 seniors from the Capital District to receive the Senior Lifetime Achievement Award for 2012. This award is given to seniors who are at least 85 years old and have volunteered in their community and contributed to society in many ways. I then traveled to Southern California in November to attend the wedding of my oldest grandson and to spend Thanksgiving with my family there.

Class notes councilor: Eleanor Holbig Alland, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: I regret to report that two more of our classmates have passed away. Mary Odak Fowler died April 22, 2012, and Abe Trop died Sept. 7, 2012. Sympathy has been extended to both their families. Bonnie Totten Adkins and Lee continue to lead very busy lives. After just completing their move from Branson to Middlebury, they traveled to Germany and England for three weeks to visit relatives and friends and participate in a Wesley Pilgrimage Tour near Salisbury Cathedral. Upon their return home, they had a delightful visit from Joyce and Joe Zanchelli, who were exploring Middlebury for a few days during a stay at the historic Middlebury Inn. Larry Appleby was at a November Legion meeting where he was awarded the Legionnaire Award for his community service. Robertson Baker has much to be proud of: A grandson was named principal trombonist at the Conference for All-State Orchestra, two granddaughters earned the highest rating that the New York State Music Association awards, and his fourth great-grandchild was named Noah Robertson Vormer. Robertson is still contributing to the efforts of the Glens Falls Senior Center Service Club to raise money for local charities. Dolores Stocker Eklund had the opportunity to hear the Boston Pops Orchestra when it came to Long Island. She was planning a nine-day cruise to the Bahamas and the Caribbean in May. In September, we received an information-packed letter from Betty Uline Engineri. Betty said she disappeared from our class in 1948, went three summers to school, and left to teach English and social studies in Sharon Springs, N.Y. She has been married to Paul, a World War II veteran, for 63 years, and they have two sons, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Betty and Paul have traveled extensively, both in the U.S. and internationally, and have lived in or visited all 50 states. Richard Foster reports that life is still fulfilling. He is able to play the piano, sing and dance a bit, and enjoy the company of many friends in the retirement community. He has three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, all of whom live in Sarasota, except for one grandson who is in the army. Bob Kittredge and Diana had a most adventuresome trip: an 1,100-mile cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow and then to Helsinki for a four-day add-on. Bob Kloepfel continues to enjoy Thursday luncheons with his buddies Russell Bailey and Norman Powell. He says they really miss Jack Kirby, who now lives in Florida. Marjorie Fusmer McGuire, after completing her career teaching English at Linton High School in Schenectady, N.Y., retired with her husband to Johnstown, N.Y., where there are no tee times on the golf course. The McGuires lived 40 years in Scotia, N.Y. Marjorie gave an update on three of our classmates: Jeanne Valachovic Carpenter is currently in a nursing home in Front Royal, Va., Audrey Jerue Schreiner is widowed and living in St. Louis, Mo., and Glenyce Jones Trainor is living in Boonville, N.Y., where her son is managing the funeral home once run by Glenyce and her husband. “Freddy” Laemmerzahl Miller went with her son and two grandsons on a “cultural” beer tour in Germany Dec. 27-Jan. 6. Leah Hunter Olendorf, who lives in Galway, N.Y., had a wonderful time touring Ireland for two weeks with her daughter and three grandchildren. On the tour, she had the opportunity to visit with Mary McAleese, former president of Ireland for 14 years. Leah reports that all of her grandchildren are doing a super job in classes. Four are in college, and one is in high school. She is so glad that her radiation treatments, five days a week for six weeks, are over and her hair is growing back. Jean Pulver Hague is still conducting business in Atlanta advising families regarding education options. The Hague family had a very difficult year since Karen, Jean and Merl’s daughter, was very ill with Hepatitis C. However, she had a successful liver transplant and is now doing well. In late October, Anne Sulich Raser and her youngest son drove to northern California to attend a wedding reception for her oldest grandson. The wedding had been held a few weeks earlier in Cambodia. Anne lives near Los Angeles and was thrilled to watch the spaceship Endeavour being moved from Los Angeles to the science museum near the University of Southern California. Ursula Neuhaus Schiff, who lives in Sarasota, Fla., keeps busy with volunteer work, going to the theater, taking courses and tending to her husband in a skilled nursing facility. Occasionally, she dines with Dick Foster. In September, Ursula, when visiting her two sons and five grandchildren in the San Francisco area, had a very bad experience with the flight and states that she will never fly again. She also went on a cruise with a friend to the Caribbean in December. Jerry Reisner reports that his youngest granddaughter graduated from college and passed her CPA exams. Bobbi Houck VanTilburg and husband Gerry are now proud great-grandparents. Hurricane Sandy left the VanTilburg home with a power outage for eight days. After the third night, they went to the Recreation Barn, where there was warmth and food. Bobbi said the only damage done was a ruined microwave oven due to the power surge. Horty Zeilengold Schmierer, whose permanent home is Malverne, Long Island, experienced a 12-day power outage due to Hurricane Sandy. However, she was vacationing in Hawaii when the storm hit, so she lucked out. There were plenty of fallen trees in the area but no damage to her house. In October in Cape May, N.J., Joe Zanchelli and Joyce experienced a very interesting Road Scholar program concentrating on the Victorian era. Luckily, the program occurred two weeks before Hurricane Sandy demolished much of the area. One of the gratifying highlights of the program was getting together with Ben Jackson ’50 and Dave Jack ’50 and their spouses. Ben, Dave and Joe were fraternity brothers, and Ben was best man at the Zanchelli wedding in 1951. Congratulations go to Dick Zeller, who in the fall of 2012 was recognized by his local historical society and at the county level for his many years of outstanding leadership and service. Dick has served as a trustee for many years and was a founding member of the group 49 years ago. Dick ended his note by stating: “I celebrated my 88th birthday on Oct. 18. I’m blessed with excellent health, which permits me to lead a pretty good life doing pretty much what I want to do and going where I want!” Our reunion planning committee is again ready to roll. A survey letter will be mailed to each class member in the spring of 2013 (it may already have arrived) to ascertain if there is sufficient interest in attending our 65th graduation anniversary in 2014. Horty Zeilengold Schmierer tells me that she hopes there is one because she’s already looking forward to it! If any of you would like to contact a classmate, but do not have an address or a phone number, please let me know by telephone at (518) 587-4581. Thanks again for being such cooperative classmates.

Class notes councilor: Joe Zanchelli, [email protected]

Football alumni visit UAlbany on homecoming weekend

More than 75 football alumni returned to UAlbany for a Homecoming weekend reunion and cheered on our Great Danes at the Homecoming football game.


A note from your class councilor: Basil Karpiak recently was photographed with his neighbor, former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer. Joyce Dubert Everingham moved for the 12th time and came across memorabilia, including a copy of State College News from October 1947. The front page had news of the election of Rhoda Riber as class treasurer and Audrey Koch as class song leader. There also was a copy of the words and music to College of the Empire State. Audrey Koch recently paid a visit to her co-councilor Harold (Sparky) Vaughn in Queensbury, which was a rare and special treat. A native of South Glens Falls, Sparky began his teaching at the high school there along with his mother, Isabel Winch Vaughn, a graduate of NYSCT. He was in town for the South Glens Falls Hall of Fame ceremony honoring his grandfather, Oliver Winch. While in the area, Harold had the opportunity to visit Tom Yole ’51, who has earned a significant place in the education field in his hometown, nearby Hudson Falls.

Class notes councilor: Audrey Koch Feathers, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: Our 60th reunion, Sept. 7-9, 2012, was a rousing success, with 31 ’52-ers registered for the Sept. 8 dinner held at the Treviso Restaurant. We started the weekend Friday evening with a “meet and greet” at the Sovereign Hotel. It’s always such fun to renew acquaintances and especially to greet those people who have come from afar, such as Jack Smithler, who came from Prescott, Ariz.; Jean Faville Smith from Cocoa Beach, Fla.; Al Stephenson from Ganfield Heights, Ohio; John Bowker from Coral Gables, Fla.; and Helen Pilcher Terrill from Midlothian, Va. Saturday morning, most of us were shuttled to the campus we know as “home,” where we were given a tour. What changes there are to our old campus! There were several of us who opted for a guided tour of the Albany Institute of History and Art instead, and then everyone met at Husted Hall for lunch. The afternoon had us on the bus for an interesting tour of the uptown campus and then an eye-opening tour of the up-to-date cancer research center on the East Campus. Innovative work is being done there, and we will be hearing more about the results of that research. Saturday evening, we gathered at the Treviso Restaurant for a delicious meal, good fellowship, happy reminiscing and class news. Our weekend ended Sunday; after breakfast with UAlbany President George Philip, we bid our classmates a fond farewell until next time. Anyone who attended will tell you it was a time not to be missed. Anyone interested in a 62nd or 63rd? A nice, long phone call from Shirley Feinstein Rosenbaum, who still lives in West Virginia, brought us up to date on her busy life. Shirley plays the violin in a community-based orchestra; her son is a member, as well. She also participates in a strong quartet workshop, has a portfolio in public relations, and continues to substitute teach. Now there is one active lady! Bill Wiley was so sorry to miss the reunion. He and Jane had planned to attend, but both suffered some last-minute health issues and decided prudence dictated remaining in Hilton Head. You were missed, Bill, but we will hold you to your promise of attending our next reunion.

UA Great Danes Book Drive

Jonathan Laico ’97 and daughter Kate deliver books collected from alumni in the Long Island area for the UA Great Danes Book Drive.

Some bad news from Don Putterman: While visiting during Thanksgiving weekend, Don missed a couple of steps, landed face first on a hardwood floor, and suffered two fractured vertebrae. He had to wear a cervical collar for six weeks. Quick healing to you, Don. He says he still owes Ken Wooster a visit. Nice emails from both Eleanor Roth and her husband Bernard, who reported in more detail on their life together since they married in 1951. Eleanor states that she and Bernard did a great deal of traveling due to his work; they spent a year in Singapore and some time in Australia. She wrote articles about most of the places they either lived in or visited. This talent has manifested itself into the authorship of novels. Eleanor’s novel, Rainbow Dust, which has received good reviews, is now available for Barnes & Noble’s Nook and available on Amazon. She’s busy at work on another novel and hopes for publication in the near future. Recently, one of Eleanor’s articles was included in the anthology A Cup of Comfort for a Better World. She tries to keep up with friends from NYSCT, including Millie Uchima, now Nakasone, who returned to Hawaii after graduating. Jane Minckler Jennings looked forward to Thanksgiving, when there would be 21 guests – all family – at dinner. Her grandson and his wife have made it their project. At the end of February, Jane, her daughter and son-in-law spent a week with her niece in Tucson. Helen Pilcher Terrill reports the happy news that she will be a great-grandma two more times this spring. She spent Thanksgiving with her Ohio family and Christmas with her Tennessee family. Helen’s son Ed, from Ohio, escorted her to the reunion, and not only did she enjoy having him there, but so did we! Let’s get more sons and daughters to join us for our next reunion. Anna Morrissey Karpiak attended the reunion and reported that she is still volunteering at Hospice and is a Eucharistic minister at her church. She spent the fall of 2011 in Madrid, Spain, polishing up her Spanish. Anna lives on Long Island and was severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy; she was, however, most grateful to those who came from near and far to help. Anna said that Texas utilities companies repaired her block, and utility workers from Colorado did her friend’s. A quick note from Vickie Eddy informs us that she planned to return to Yuma, Ariz., this winter, though she spent last winter at her home in Olean, N.Y. Tom Holman had kind words to say about the reunion. “It was a great weekend with a nice balance of sightseeing the campuses and time for catching up with dear friends. What can I say – ’52 still rocks. Bet we could still put on a show!” Thankfully, Tom escaped the wrath of Sandy; he happened to be in places where the hurricane was not. He ends his email, “So with the holidays approaching, we have much to be thankful for.” Margaret Gemmell Delea would love to hear from anyone who remembers her (her address and email are in the directory you received last summer). She reports that she is still on Long Island and had her daughter visiting from Oregon to help out, as Margaret had some medical problems. Jean Faville Smith and Smitty are still cruising, having just returned from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, then to Scotland. They made not one, but two trips north – one to the reunion and one to Burlington, Vt., for the wedding of a friend’s daughter. Joe Persico has yet another book coming out shortly. President Roosevelt is once again the subject, and the title is Roosevelt’s Centurions: FDR and the Commanders He Led to Victory in World War II. Joe’s books have always had excellent reviews and widespread distribution, so we look forward to his latest work. It was nice to see him and his wife at the reunion. Jeanne Seymour Earle had planned to attend the reunion, but Lyme disease laid her low at the last minute. We missed you, Jeanne. Kathryn Shirn Peet, who lives in British Columbia, remembers the good times at NYSCT and how friendly and cooperative everyone was. Kathryn couldn’t graduate with us, as she was four credits short, but identifies ’52 as her class. Joyce Leavitt Zanchelli very much appreciates all of you who sent news to be included in this issue of the alumni magazine. Thanks as always for your cooperation. Our sincere sympathy goes to Kitty Irons and her husband, Marty, on the loss of their son Mark.

Class notes councilor: Joyce Zanchelli, [email protected]

Poughkeepsie area alumni

Poughkeepsie area alumna Nisla Rodriguez-Jaca ’93, left, connected with Dr. Robert Santis ’78, center, and his wife at an alumni event in September.


A note from your class councilor: Donald Voellinger experienced a power outage from Hurricane Sandy, but passed the time reading by candlelight. Thankfully, he made it out unscathed from the storm, despite the lack of heat and electricity. Nancy Whittle-Mitchell still resides in Cambridge, N.Y., and is active in her community. She enjoys visits with Gerry Holzman and his wife, Arlene, and stays in touch with Jean Rasey-Aceto and Bill Floyd. Ken (Schoony) Schoonmaker took a tour of Istanbul, the Greek Aegean islands, Athens, Delphi and Meteora in September. Marie and John Sejersen have been keeping busy with their growing extended family. John recently celebrated 15 years since his five-way coronary bypass surgery in October. Art Stone is still running the same companies and continues to travel in his free time. John and Diane Sawyer recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by going on a cruise. Peter McManus enjoyed a trip to the Galapagos Islands and Quito, Ecuador, with a group of middle school students from Virginia in June. Pat and Stefanie Manning rented an apartment in Rome; it overlooks Santa Maria Maggiore. They returned to the states in December and spent time with their family in January. John and Kim Parsons are enjoying life in Florida for the 22nd consecutive year and play bridge several times a week. Shirley Callahan Dillon enjoyed a river cruise last June from Paris up the Seine River. Marv Chernoff is still writing plays; his play Chaim’s Love Song is still being produced 14 years after opening. Marv took a Mediterranean cruise and a Boston-to-Halifax-and-Montreal cruise last year. George Martin had the pleasure of seeing Enchanted Island, Tosca and Gotterdammerung at the Met last January. He also flew to Sarasota, Fla., with his wife, Ann, to see Vanessa; they enjoyed many productions this past year. In July, George celebrated his 80th birthday by having a cocktail party with friends and family. Corinne Valente Moxham and her husband, Roger, were saddened by the loss of their son, Patrick, May 31, 2012. Patrick fought a courageous battle with cancer for 13 years.

Class notes councilors: Bernice Gunsberg Shoobe, [email protected]

Homecoming 5k run

More than 200 alumni, students and community members got their hearts pumping at the third annual Homecoming 5K Run.


A note from your class councilor: It is with deep regret that I inform you that our classmates M. Maxine Adner Sackman and William Rock passed away May 28, 2012, and Oct. 19, 2012, respectively. Robert Levy has been living in California for many years. After teaching science and math for two years in Newcomb, he was in the computer industry in Poughkeepsie; Colorado Springs; and Santa Monica and Cupertino, Calif. He and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2004. For 30 years, Alan Weiner was chairperson of a 24-teacher foreign language department at Beverly Hills High School in California. He and his wife then moved to Connecticut, where Alan taught Spanish at the University of Hartford. They lived in Delray Beach, Fla., for 16 years and have now returned to Connecticut to be near family. Whitson Walter, who lives on the West Coast, is retired from a career in aerospace computing. He now volunteers with AARP Taxaide, preparing free tax returns for seniors. Whitson also spends time at a weekly homeless feeding program, coordinated by his wife at their church. Sally Doody Hayes taught at Clarence High School in Clarence, N.Y., for six years after graduation. She has one son and three daughters; all are college graduates. Her husband is suffering from Alzheimer’s and is hospitalized. Sally is at McHarrie Pointe Assisted Living in Baldwinsville, N.Y. Harlow Cushman retired in 1989 from teaching social studies, mainly in Rochester, N.Y. His wife, Sandy, retired from Kodak the same year. They now divide their time between Hamlin, N.Y., and Barefoot Bay, Fla. Phyllis Krug retired in 1990. She and Donald were married for 54 years, but he passed away in November 2008. Phyllis spends much of her time enjoying nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. When possible, she enjoys gardening, sewing and traveling. Aileen Cochrane Dower taught in Bellmore and Syracuse and joined the Peace Corps in 1962. She went to Somalia, where she met her husband, Hal. When she returned to the United States, Aileen earned a master’s degree in library science from the University of Maryland and was a librarian at the high school level, while also teaching English as a second language at a community college. Aileen and Hal spend five months in Maine each year and reside in Bethesda, Md. Your class counselor’s oldest son, Paul, is a brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserves. As of Nov. 16, he was put on active duty for one year and assigned to Germany. My other son, Michael, is the EMS (emergency medical service) administrator for the LaGrange Fire Department in Dutchess County, and my daughter Barbara is the office manager of a play school in Highland, N.Y.

Class notes councilor: Vivian Benenati, [email protected]

Big Purple Growl

UAlbany alumni gathered with family and friends at the 16th Annual Big Purple Growl & Ferocious Feast.


A note from your class councilor: It was so good to be together with many classmates at our October reunion. Who could believe we graduated 55 years ago? We shared lots of good news and not so good news over drinks and dinner. We were pleased to share news from those who couldn’t attend. Many thanks to Ben Lindeman and his committee for making all the arrangements. While many were able to drive to Albany, others came from quite a distance. Bev McIntyre and Bob Havilland flew up from Florida, and Beth Beehler Stefano from Las Vegas. Bob and Pat Ruess and Dorrie Vradenburg and Bill Miller were among those who came from out of state. Matt Ostoyich thanked all who have participated in our Honoring Our Professors project at the University Library. Dick Feldman helped us remember highlights from our Albany days, and Bob Ruess helped us remember those who are no longer with us. Rosemary Stauble Brown is president-elect of the National Association of Women’s Clubs. Paul Bertan is still living in Camillus and teaching chemistry part time at Onondaga Community College. He also spends time as a pilot on Camillus Erie Canal. Bettye Sigety Leidigh sends regards from central Florida and was sorry she could not attend the reunion. John Rookwood says ‘hi’ from Rhode Island. Marilyn Stilwell Dakin recently traveled to Italy. Paula Segal Lehrer Shulak has been living in Arizona for quite some time; she’s still very active in community theater. Gayle Jacobson Fishkin lives in Antelope, Calif., near her grandchildren. Sara Jane Sidge Duffy Willsey and Chuck live in Arizona; unfortunately, Chuck is no longer able to travel. Anne Marie Persico [Annabelle Townson] lives in LaQuinta, Calif. She had volunteered for the Peace Corps from 2001 until 2003 and later worked at its agency headquarters. Mary Furner teaches at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Mary Stowell Hilderbrand lives in Sun City Center, Fla. Matt Ostoyich and Sandy still summer in New York, but winter in Sarasota, Fla. Another Floridian is Marie Calao Eisele. June Frankland Baker still lives in Richland, Wash., and continues with her poetry writing. Emil Polak continues his daily trek to Butler Library on the Columbia campus in New York to work on Volume III of his Latin manuscript. We’d love to hear from more of you and share your doings with our classmates.

Class Notes Councilor: Ben Lindeman, [email protected]


Mary Lou Cinque Hart and the village where she lives were unfortunately hit by Hurricane Sandy this past October. Her car was wrecked, but she kindly housed family and friends during this difficult time. Aside from that, she is reasonably healthy and happy. Charlotte Brown Fauth and her husband are part of a committee to plan a cruise to the United Kingdom next year. They did a pre-cruise inspection trip to that area this past year. So far, they have more than 50 couples going on the Regent Seven Seas for a combination sightseeing and golf vacation. Charlotte celebrated her milestone 75th birthday last year; she congratulates all those who also celebrated their 75th birthdays. Lynn Becraft Schmidt lost her husband this past July. She currently divides her time between The Villages, Fla., and Paradox Lake in the Adirondacks; she also visits her children in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., Connecticut and Brooklyn. Ronald Short recently celebrated his wedding anniversary with a family reunion in Orlando. They rented a house that held all 12 family members. Ron and his wife enjoy their home on Crystal Lake in Florida and their timeshare on the beach. (See “Authors & Editors” on page 44.) Harold James Owen recently retired as president of Piedmont Community College in Roxboro, N.C. The college board of trustees recognized his 22 years of service by awarding him the title of president emeritus. The governor inducted him into the Order of the Longleaf Pine, the highest recognition given to citizens of North Carolina. Bill Hershfield retired as a counselor/administrator in 1991 and has been married to Myra for more than 52 years now. Bill has been living in Port Orange, Fla., for the past 21 years. He also has enjoyed many years of travel and good books and was a captain of the Yorktown Ambulance Corps for a number of years. Bob and Annie Dallow recently returned from three wonderful weeks in Australia and New Zealand. They’re completing the construction of their holiday village of more than 200 lit miniature Christmas buildings. Sandy Kobrin Goldstein had to replace her roof after Hurricane Sandy blew it off, but she made it through without other damages. Aside from that, she is still busy with organizations. Sandy enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and is planning a trip to Disney World with them this spring. Miriam Sanderson Russell presented a paper, Facilitating Critical Thinking in Online College Courses, in London last July at the 17th Annual International Conference on Learning.

Class councilor: Miriam Russell, [email protected]

Alumni party before Siena vs. Albany game

UAlbany alumni and future alumni gather at a party before the Siena vs. Albany basketball game. Go, Great Danes!


Minerva Janet Woodward Beardsley has lost 55 pounds over the past year. Elaine Romatowski Frankonis lives in East Longmeadow, Mass., with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson. She volunteers with memory debilitated patients at a local geriatric center, but spends most of her time combining fabric and yarn for various purposes. Recently, she designed and made brightly colored bags to hang on walker and wheelchair bars. She still occasionally blogs at, but mostly she vents her frustrations over the world’s frightening absurdities on Facebook. Elaine also continues to look for paid employment in Portland, Ore. LaRae Atwood Groves and her husband, Gene, are currently living in Anchorage, Alaska, where they have been since 1961. She taught secondary school for 28 years and has been retired for about 20 years. Each summer, LaRae and Gene catch about 60 or 70 red salmon and also go on halibut charters. In addition, LaRae enjoys going gold mining and bought a condo in Scottsdale, Ariz, two years ago; she and Gene stay there three months a year, during the winter. LaRae would like to say hello to everyone, and she thanks all who worked hard on the reunion. Joan Heywood Valesente moved this past year to 21 Oyster Landing Lane, Hilton Head Island, S.C. 29928. She and her husband, Bob, now live in a town home overlooking the marsh and fabulous sunsets. Joan and Bob enjoyed their 50th reunion and also made it to Bob’s 50th reunion at Ithaca College last year. Mel Horowitz started vacationing more this year, using 12 weeks of timeshares by enjoying Florida; Ireland (for Sissy’s 65th birthday; they met some of her relatives for the first time); Las Vegas; Maine (the beautiful coast and mountains near New Hampshire); and the Berkshires in Massachusetts, where they love attending concerts and events at Williams College. Bob Congemi is in his 52nd year of teaching and 48th year as a college professor. He will be publishing his eighth book shortly and is enjoying 2012-13 as a recipient of a Scholar Across the College SUNY award. Toby Geduld Sabian was sorry to miss the reunion, but was in northwestern China on his third trip to that fascinating country. Rosemary Kverek is living in Charlestown, Mass., in the house built for the man who gave Paul Revere his horse for the famous ride. The man’s name was Deacon John Larkin, and the original house was burned down by the British. This “new” house was built in 1793. Rosemary has always loved history and is now writing a children’s book about Boston and volunteering at a local elementary school. She retired a few years ago as a real estate company co-owner and is now on four boards of directors. Rosemary notes that it is fun giving back to the community, but sometimes it is overwhelming when all the boards are busy at the same time. Earlier this fall, Marcia Marion Bailey, Gail Kasparian D’Onofrio, Judy Kiehle, Joanne Simons LaFay and Rosemary went for a week’s vacation to Lake Placid, N.Y. They had a wonderful trip, and it was fun thinking of all that has happened since they first met in August 1957.

Class councilor: Mel Horowitz, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: The 50th reunion bash was wonderful; we had a good turnout, and it was a joyful weekend. Thanks to Alumni House liaison representative Loida Vera Cruz for her unending assistance. Class councilors Sheril Joan McCormack, Helen Arcuri-Stoloff and Robert Sweeney thank attendees for the esprit de corps that permeated all the events. Please remember to pay your class dues and make a special donation to the class project. Gene Altman has retired as president of Tech Rentals and is doing marking/management consulting for small businesses. Shelley Gruber-Karp, Doris Edelstein-Hirschorn, Linda Levinson-Kessler and Sue Byron-Wallace are looking forward to another winter in Florida, where they live a walk away from one another and meet daily.

Class notes councilor: J. Sheril McCormack, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor:We are finalizing plans for our 50th reunion, which will be held in conjunction with the University’s Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 18-20. We are hoping to exceed the 50 alumni who attended the 35th reunion in 1998. Many of the same alumni are planning to attend. Steve Condojani (president of the Student Association/Kappa Beta) is expected and will handle inquiries in the New Hampshire area. His email is [email protected]. In Ohio, taking time out from seven grandkids is Mary Lou Eisnman Coleman (State Fair/Kappa Delta). Her phone number is (614) 557-3698. Geri Schleifer Gutweniger (MYSKANIA/Kappa Delta), who toggles between Hilton Head, S.C., Colorado and now Brooklyn, where she has a new granddaughter, will field inquiries from the Carolinas. Her email is [email protected]. Also expected to join us from Connecticut is Pat Woinoski Olechna (Psi Gamma/ MYSKANIA); she can be reached at [email protected]. All the way from Texas, and handling questions from the Southwest, is Connie Culver Brown (Phi Delta/MYSKANIA). Her email address is [email protected]. And, working with your councilor, Pete Fisher (senior class V.P./Who’s Who/SLS), will be local politico Doris Muhlich Davis (Kappa Delta), networking New York’s Capital Region. Her email is [email protected]. Joan Arcuri Santili ([email protected]) is helping to line up Chi Sigma Theta alums, and Dr. Gary Penfield (Potter/MYSKANIA) is planning to attend. Gary still teaches at Rhode Island College ([email protected]). If you read this note and are not on the UAlbany mailing list, please contact anyone listed and we will see that you get reunion information.

Class councilor: Peter Fisher, [email protected]


Catherine Krautter Schmidt is vice president and co-owner of Schmidt Equipment Inc. in Geneva, Ohio. She taught biology at Quinsigamond Community College in Wooster, Mass., one year and substituted at high schools in Connecticut and Ohio while raising two daughters and a son. None are interested in continuing a second-generation, family-owned steel-fabrication business, so retirement plans are being made. Catherine enjoys visiting family in Cincinnati and a grandson in Portsmouth, Va., and watching sunsets on Lake Erie. She and her husband plan to continue serving on boards of church and community organizations. Catherine is interested in finding out if any plans for gatherings of the Class of ’67 or the biology majors of ’67 are being made.

Ted Avgerinos in Sudan

Ted Avgerinos has retired from being a public school administrator from the Schalmont Central School District in Schenectady County, N.Y., and has since become involved with a nonprofit group called Building Minds in Sudan. Ted is currently on its board of directors. This past January, he had the opportunity to travel to South Sudan to help oversee the construction of the organization’s first school building in Mayen-Abun. Ted also has created a travel blog of his journey that can be seen at; just click on the travel blog tab.


Thomas Lickona has received an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Anahuac Mexico. The degree of Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctor of a Cause), Anhuac University’s highest academic recognition, was presented last March during a ceremony at the institution’s Mexico City campus. He is one of only six individuals to receive the honor in the university’s history. Thomas retired from the college in August after 40 years as a professor of childhood/early childhood education, but continues to direct SUNY Cortland’s Center for the 4th and 5th R’s (respect and responsibility). Charles Eames Jr. has been retired from the library field for 10 years and lives in Waycross, Ga. He has written two collections of essays: No Complaints Yet and Stories to Tell. Charles is very active in his community and serves as president of the auxiliary of Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross. In addition, he reads stories to more than 300 pre-K children every week, leads the singing at a local nursing home and is on several boards. Charles also is a lay minister in his church, Disciples of Christ. He would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or who might remember his mother, Harriet Eames, who worked at the SUNY library until the early ’70s.

Sallie Chisholm and President Obama

Sallie (Penny) Chisholm Ph.D. ’74 was one of 23 U.S. scientists to receive the Medal of Science from President Obama at the White House Feb. 1. She was recognized for her revolutionary work in oceanography. Chisholm is a distinguished biological oceanographer whose studies of the dominant photosynthetic organisms in the sea have revolutionized scientists’ understanding of life in the world’s oceans.


Martis Jones is the first woman in the South to assume her position as a suffragan bishop. She is licensed and ordained through completion of seminary at Aenon Bible College, Indianapolis, Ind. Her passions lie in public policy, improving the quality of life for women, children and ministry. She also is the executive director of the Academic Distinction Fund, which acts as a vehicle for private sector investment in advancing public education and is a major collaborator among schools, businesses and her community.

Class councilor: Rick Corcione: [email protected].


John Simson has been named of counsel to Lommen, Abdo, Cole, King & Stageberg. John has re-established a law practice in Washington, D.C., where he most recently served as the founding executive director of SoundExchange, the performing rights organization formed to collect digital-performance royalties for recording artists and sound-recording copyright owners. John has spent his entire professional career in the music industry.


Ronald Winter was elected by the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity as chairman of the board at its recent 59th biennial convention in Scottsdale, Ariz. He will serve a two-year term.

Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross has joined Cozen O’Connor’s Corporate Practice Group in New York as a corporate, business and securities attorney. His extensive experience in corporate and financial matters includes venture capital and emerging growth. Andrew also will play a key role as the firm continues to expand its China practice. He was formerly a partner with Loeb & Loeb in New York and chair of that firm’s national mergers and acquisitions group. Andrew also works with Chinese law firms, investment banks and Chinese professionals to assist Chinese companies engaging in acquisitions and investment in the United States. He has spoken and published extensively on the subject in both China and the United States. Sharon Elswit, currently a school librarian at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, is the author of The East Asian Story Finder, a bibliographic guide published by McFarland in 2009.


Karen Graham has joined the board of directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). She is also a professor of mathematics and director of the Joan and James Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science and Engineering Education at the University of New Hampshire. Karen has been the lead author of Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making in Algebra (2010), chair and member of the Nominations and Elections Committee, and co-editor of the “Connecting Research to Teaching” section of Mathematics Teacher. She also was an author of NCTM’s A History of School Mathematics, Volume 2, published in 2003. Jonathan Berman and Yasmin McMillan were married on Jan. 7, 2012, in Manhattan. Guests included Carol Berman MacDonald ’82, Thomas D’Apice ’77, Kenneth Paulo ’78, Ivy Peltz ’79, Greg Weiss ’78, Debbie Ovetzky Weiss ’79, and Mitchell Sandler ’78. Jon has practiced law in Manhattan for more than 30 years.


Tanya Harvey recently joined the Washington, D.C., office of law firm Loeb & Loeb. She concentrates her practice on estate planning and probate. She is especially adept with issues involving individuals with disabilities and special needs trusts, in light of her significant experience in special education law. She also has experience providing estate-planning counsel to non-traditional families and the LGBT community. She received her J.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Andrew Thaler has been selected as one of the New York – Metro area 2012 Super Lawyers top attorneys for his excellence in bankruptcy and creditor/debtor rights. Only 5 percent of the state’s lawyers are recognized with this honor by their peers and this professional organization. Andrew was rated “AV Preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbell and L.I. Pulse Magazine as one of the region’s “Top Legal Eagles” for three consecutive years. The lending arm of AloStar Bank of Commerce, AloStar Business Credit, has hired Richard Bochicchio as a managing director to help provide capital to small and mid-sized companies. Previously, Richard was managing director and co-founder of Seaward Partners LLC in Stamford, Conn. Richard has more than 30 years’ experience in business development and relationship cultivation in the junior capital/commercial finance/commercial banking field, working for both large banks and boutique firms. He will help open a new office for AloStar Business Credit in Manhattan.

Perdue receives the Society of Petroleum Engineers' Distinguished Service Award

Lisa Spiegel recently was honored by Chambers USA for her legal work with Duane Morris LLP. She currently works in San Francisco and is an immigration attorney. Jeanne (Jay) Marie Perdue received the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Distinguished Service Award, an honor that also made Jeanne an SPE Distinguished Member. The award recognizes contributions to the society that exhibit exceptional devotion of time, effort, thought and action. Jeanne currently is a technical writer for Occidental Petroleum. Kevin O’Connor would like to note that his father was a microbiologist at Sterling-Winthrop Research Institute in Rensselaer, now the home of UAlbany’s School of Public Health. Kevin, who currently works in the public health industry for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, is touched that his father’s old facility is now part of his alma mater. Ellen Brotman was sworn in as a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) at its annual board and membership meeting in San Francisco this past July. Ellen’s practice focuses on government investigations, white-collar criminal defense and representation of attorneys before the Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. She also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Champion and on the executive committee of the Federal Bar Association’s Criminal Law Committee, and co-chairs the American Bar Association’s White Collar Crime Subcommittee on Tax Fraud.

Mary Mullin

Mary Mullin

Mary Mullin recently was recognized on the America’s Top 100 Women Advisors list, published in the June 4 edition of Barron’s magazine. Mary was ranked as the top woman advisor in Boston and has been recognized on this list several years in a row. She is a managing director-wealth management and a wealth management advisor in Boston with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Michael Amoroso has joined Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP, as an associate in the real estate, land use and zoning practice groups. He is based in the Hauppauge office. Prior to joining the firm, Michael was the bureau chief of the Suffolk County Department of Law’s Real Estate and Condemnation Bureau for six years.


Jay Cohen recently was honored by Chambers USA for his legal work with Duane Morris LLP. He currently works in Baltimore, where he is a corporate/mergers and acquisitions attorney.


L.A. Pomeroy (née Lisa Sokolowski) was named best freelance equestrian journalist, print and online, for the second consecutive year by American Horse Publications for “Hats Off for the Horses,” her profile of Cape Cod milliner Sally Steinman/Maggie Mae Designs. L.A., a contributing equestrian fashion and lifestyle editor for the nation’s leading horse-industry publications, including Desert Mirage, Elite Equestrian and Today’s Equestrian, is also a copywriter for Breyer Animal Creations.


Shawn Gregory has joined Newton Savings Bank as vice president and senior commercial lender. She will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day commercial lending functions for the bank. Shawn has held the position of commercial lending vice president at a local bank in Danbury for the past eight years. Maria Rosa recently was elected Justice of the Supreme Court in New York’s 9th Judicial District. Nicholas Stirling has been appointed superintendent of schools in the Valley Stream, N.Y. Union Free School District 30. He was the former assistant superintendent for curriculum in the Port Washington School District. Deborah Doxey took office as a new section chair of the New York State Bar Association on June 1. Her practice in the areas of banking and commercial lending includes secured transactions, asset-based finance, acquisition financing and commercial real estate transactions. Lisa Kobrynski is on the faculty at the Emory University School of Medicine and has received a Marcus Professorship in Immunology. A nationally known expert on newborn screening for congenital immune deficiency, she is also a guest researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga.

Richard Joslin

Richard Joslin

Richard Joslin, attorney for Collins, Einhorn, Farrell & Ulanoff P.C., has been promoted to partner. For 20 years, he has served as lead defense counsel in hundreds of cases in both state and federal court. In addition to defending medical malpractice actions, Richard maintains an active practice in all areas of professional liability defense, including the defense of lawyers, insurance agents and design professionals.


Michael Schiff was welcomed by Glenmede as a business development manager in its Princeton N.J., office. He is responsible for the development of new and continuing relationships with high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as endowment, foundation and tax-exempt entities. Glenmede is an independent investment and wealth management firm.

Michael Schiff

Michael Schiff

David Reich has been named director of technology strategy for Nuance Communications in Burlington, Mass. Dona Parker is a board member of the University at Albany Interfaith Center at Chapel House. Recently, the name of Chapel House was changed to Interfaith Center at Chapel House, which more accurately describes its mission. The center now offers a newly created space and resources for meditation and contemplation.

Class councilor: Patty Salkin, [email protected]


Elisabeth Doyle is now an attorney and writer living and working in Washington, D.C. She has briefed/argued cases in the New Jersey Appellate and Supreme Courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit; Elisabeth also has contributed to a brief to the United States Supreme Court. In addition, Elisabeth has served as a deputy attorney general for the State of New Jersey and worked in a private Washington law firm. Her first collection of short fiction, War Stories, was published in September.

Mark Kotzin

Mark Kotzin


Mark Kotzin has graduated from the prestigious and highly selective Leadership Greater Syracuse program after a year of classes and coursework. Since graduating from UAlbany, he has worked as the Central Region communications specialist and spokesperson for the labor union, CSEA. Recently, CSEA’s president chose Mark as one of a select group of union staff to serve on a new statewide Strategic Messaging Advisory Council. Mark, a volunteer in his community, serves on the board of trustees at Temple Concord in Syracuse, where he coordinates the annual blood drive. He also serves as a volunteer and host family member with the Syracuse Chapter of Project Children. In 2008, Mark was chosen by his colleagues to receive the Kim Hytko Memorial Award, presented annually to a CSEA staff member who exemplifies generosity and dedication to family, friends and co-workers.


Dave Wick is the executive director of the Lake George Park Commission. He is responsible for day-to-day operations of the commission, as well as for dock and boat registrations for the roughly 16,000 vessels using the lake each season. The commission is also accountable for weighing invasive-species rules that impose controls on boat launches. Dave started at the commission last March, after working the previous 19 years as manager of the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Joseph Bavaro

Joseph Bavaro


Joseph Bavaro recently was named to the New York Super Lawyer List. Currently a partner at Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro LLP (SSB&K), Joseph represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases and has been named to the list each year since 2009. The Super Lawyer designation is awarded to the top 5 percent of outstanding attorneys in New York State who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. Kim Brackin coached Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe in the 2012 Olympics. After graduating from UAlbany, Kim was the head swim coach of Auburn University and University of Texas Austin for six years. She currently is a mentor to precollege high school seniors and also works with triathletes and Masters swimmers. Stephen Schafer, director of finance and controller at the State University of New York’s system-wide Construction Fund, has been named controller and associate vice president at Lafayette College. Prior to his appointment at SUNY, Schafer served as director of finance and business services at The Sage Colleges in New York for five years. Kelly Bates has been recognized by The Boston Globe for promoting diversity in Massachusetts. For the past five years, as executive director of the nonpartisan Access Strategies Fund, she has had a hand in diversifying the pool of potential candidates for government service. Kelly began her career in the 1990s with Women’s Statewide Legislative Network and has worked as a diversity consultant for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and nonprofits.

Paul Melander

Paul Melander

Paul Melander has been added to the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) board of directors in Pittsburgh, Pa. CASA’s mission is to ensure that every child has a safe, supportive and permanent home by providing volunteer advocacy.


Gregory Hitchcock has been working on his blog, The Press Matters. He uses this Web site ( to discuss his views on journalism, mental illness and seeking the truth from a reporter’s perspective. Sean Rickert was appointed superintendent of schools for the Pima, Ariz., school district. Previously, he taught for seven years in rural Arizona and was the director of an alternative high school in St. Johns, Ariz., for three years. Nyam Smith has been named associate vice president of Family Services at St. Paul-based Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, the largest nonprofit human service organization statewide. In his new role, Nyam is responsible for developing key community relationships to create innovative and high-quality services to assure that Minnesota’s children, youth and families will have safe, stable homes, as well as the opportunity to thrive in the community.


John Bagyi is included in the Best Lawyers in America 2013 for Employment Law – Management and the 2012 New York Super Lawyers Upstate Edition listing for Employment and Labor. John, a certified senior professional in human resources, counsels and represents employers of all types and sizes in a variety of labor and employment contexts. He also has served on the executive committee of Albany Law School’s National Alumni Association and co-chaired the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce’s Capital Leadership program. John has been listed in the New York Super Lawyers since 2009 and in the Best Lawyers in America since 2007.

Samantha McGrath

Samantha McGrath


Samantha Shanahan McGrath joined Wouch, Maloney & Co. LLP, Certified Public Accountants, as an accounting and audit manager last August. She is responsible for planning and executing audit, review and compilation engagements for firm clients. Previously, she worked at a national accounting firm in Philadelphia. Samantha is a licensed C.P.A. in the State of New York and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Sonia Nunez recently was hired by Columbus Elementary in New Rochelle, N.Y., as its principal. Sonia has been assistant principal at Columbus since September 2005. Prior to that time, she held several positions, including foreign language teacher and 21st-century after-school program coordinator, at Isaac E. Young Middle School, New Rochelle, N.Y. Heidi Weber has joined Berkshire Community College in Massachusetts as public relations manager. She will be responsible for developing and distributing promotional and public relations materials, such as news releases, human interest stories and feature articles.


Gillian McCombs gave two papers at the International Federation of Library Associations meeting in Helsinki, Finland, this past year. She also was selected as one of 100 women in Texas to participate in the annual Leadership Texas program. Gillian was honored by Southern Methodist University’s Archives of Women of the Southwest in its Remember the Ladies! Campaign. The Veteran Feminists of America also recognized her as a “Texas Woman Pioneer.” Mariangela Milea recently opened up an Italian-inspired eatery, Pepino Gourmet Express, in the upper-level food court at Colonie Center in Albany, N.Y. Christina Hernandez was nominated by Governor Cuomo and confirmed by the New York State Senate for a new term on the board of parole this past June. She is currently a social worker and looking to receive her doctorate.

Alumni pose in the Homecoming photobooth

Alums show off their school spirit at the Homecoming photo booth.


Jason Samuels was appointed to the Contractors for Kids’ advisory board by Farrell Fritz in Islandia, N.Y. Jason represents contractors, owners and developers in all aspects of construction. He also serves on the legislative committee for the Subcontractors Trade Association. Joel Hurowitz, a Director’s Fellow at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., works in the Planetary Science and Life Detection Section. Recently, Joel worked extensively on the Mars Exploration Rover mission as a member of the Athena science team and had a hand in the rover that landed on Mars in August. For this project, Joel was a surface sampling systems scientist and a member of the Microwave Scan Beam Landing System Science Team.


Scott Kalicki was appointed president of Lakes Region Community College, Laconia, N.H. in January 2012. He had served as interim president since August 2011 and was the unanimous choice of the board for a permanent appointment. Scott, who has more than 30 years’ experience in higher education administration, has served as both vice president and dean at multiple colleges and universities. Jonathan Moore recently was elected partner at Blank Rome LLP. Jonathan concentrates his practice on the areas of financial services and corporate law. He also represents borrowers and lenders in the areas of commercial lending and asset-based financing.

Richard Sloma is promoted to colonel in the New York Army National Guard

Richard Sloma has been promoted to colonel in the New York Army National Guard. He is the coordinator of the New York National Guard Task Force, headquartered at Stratton Air National Guard Base in Scotia, N.Y. Richard has served as a full-time member of the New York Army National Guard since 2002. His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, the Joint Meritorious Service Medal, the Joint Commendation Medal, three Meritorious Service Medals, the Army Commendation Medal, two Army Achievement Medals and the Parachute Badge. Chris Marshall recently was appointed vice president of GG+A, where he will lead the expanded alumni relations practice. Chris will be focusing on strategically integrating an alumni relations program with the development program, measuring alumni engagement, leveraging social media and technology to increase alumni engagement and philanthropy, and training and managing volunteers. Rom Marasinski and Rebecca Picasso moved to Manatee County, Fla., three years ago from New York to open downtown Bradenton’s Retro City Grill. After meeting at the University at Albany, Rebecca and Rom started a graphic-design business that specializes in restaurant marketing and menu designs, servicing large food vendors like Sysco. All menu items are fresh and hand packed. Customer favorites include the classic “Retro Ruben” sandwich and “John Wayne Burger.” Rebecca enjoys involving Retro City in special events around the community and seeks opportunities for partnerships with more organizations in the future.


Peter Maltin left Merrill Lynch after 13 years to establish Maltin Wealth Management Inc.


David Redmon has been working on his most current documentary, “Girl Model,” which is now in theatrical release and will be broadcast on PBS this year. He has also made seven feature documentaries, including Mardi Gras: Made in China, Kamp Katrina and Downeast. Daniel Guyton has published four new plays with Heuer Publishing. Each is a 10-minute comedy about the Christmas season. The plays are Rebel Without a Claus; Death of a Snowman; Rosie, the Retired Rockette; and How I Met Your Santa. For more information click here.


Lance Corporal Michael Glover, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2006, was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Xavier High School located in New York, N.Y., this past November. The school presents the LCpl. Mike Glover, USMC, ’97, Memorial Scholarship every year; the LCpl. Mike Glover ’97 Medal is given to a senior annually at graduation ceremonies.

UAlbany students at the "UAlbany to the Runway" fashion panel

Elizabeth Ukpe ’07 speaks to current UAlbany students at the “UAlbany to the Runway” alumni panel.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has appointed Joseph Garba director of the Mayor’s Office of State Legislative Affairs. Joe will be responsible for leading the administration’s state legislative agenda, overseeing relations with the Office of the Governor and state legislators, preparing the administration’s response to proposed state legislation impacting New York City and helping to lead negotiations on those bills. Since joining the Bloomberg Administration in April 2010, Joe has helped secure passage of major components of the mayor’s state agenda.


Jay Werther received a Juris Doctor degree from the Roger Williams University School of Law during commencement ceremonies held this past May in Bristol, R.I. Jay also served as a member of the Association of Public Interest Law, Criminal Law Society, Family Law Society, Federalist Society, Moot Court and the Women’s Law Society.


Jennifer Peck, a second-year doctoral student in the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida, recently was inducted into the hall of fame by the department. The award is given to distinguished alumni and outstanding criminology ambassadors. Jennifer is also a past officer and current member of the Criminology Graduate Student Organization.


Mary Guadrón was awarded the 2012 Altes Prize for Exemplary Community Service for her volunteer work with the Saratoga County Office for the Aging’s Ombudsman Program. The Altes Prize is awarded annually by the college to recognize exemplary community service by a college faculty member who applies academic expertise to address community issues.


Dan Lief is currently living in Los Angeles and pursuing a career in filmmaking. The new episode of his comedic Webisode “College Kids” can be found at


Michael Kelly has been hired by La Jolla Sports Club as a sales representative in La Jolla, Calif.


Colleen Dundas helped launch a disaster-preparedness education program through the Red Cross and CDPHP. The program, the Be Red Cross Ready University (BRCRU), aims to educate college students. Offered exclusively by the Northeastern New York Region’s Preparedness Team, it is an offshoot of the informative Be Red Cross Ready program sponsored by CDPHP. This is the first Red Cross preparedness program specifically for college campuses to be conducted anywhere in the United States. The program is based on Colleen’s experience as a resident adviser during her undergraduate years at the University at Albany. Kathleen Feldman was appointed office manager of The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts. Kathleen is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of the organization – from accounts payable and receivable, to scheduling and managing databases, to event-planning assistance – run smoothly. Taylor Frink was named the new assistant coach for the women’s lacrosse program at North Carolina’s Davidson College. She comes to Davidson after coaching at Longwood University during 2011-12


Carmen Duncan received a Fabulous Feminists Award as a Bridge Builder from Holding Our Own and the Women’s Building at their celebration of more than 30 years of women’s community building and feminist social justice organizing in New York’s Capital Region. The Fabulous Feminists Awards recognizes women active in the Capital Region women’s community for their contributions.