Fashion Forward - Michael Bowes - Interaction Is the Key

Michael Bowes, B.A.’93

Interaction Is the Key

By Tyler Stratman

Michael Bowes, vice president for Talent Acquisition at Coach

When Michael Bowes stepped onto the UAlbany campus freshman year, he intended to prepare for a career as an editor. That ambition lasted until Professor of English Robert Goldman, who taught Shakespeare, inspired Bowes to pursue something he loved: It turned out to be retail.

Bowes graduated from UAlbany with a bachelor’s in English. After beginning a temporary job at Saks Fifth Avenue, he became a full-time retail human resources (HR) professional. After several years, Bowes was hired by Coach, where he now serves as divisional vice president for Talent Acquisition.

The greatest thing about his job “is meeting new people every day and learning from them,” says Bowes, who believes that a liberal arts degree is “a great foundation for any profession” and considers his time at UAlbany “the four greatest years of my life.” He advises anyone who wants to pursue a career in the fashion industry to “learn how to interact with people.”

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