Fashion Forward - Louise Chazen - Internet Presence

Louise Chazen, B.S.’77

Internet Presence

By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.'93

Louise Chazen, president of 7thOnline

Louise Chazen graduated from UAlbany with a degree in social work that prepared her to “communicate well in every environment.” She used that skill to full advantage as her career path took a decidedly different direction when she entered the training program at Macy’s and discovered her true calling: retail.

Later, recruited to Saks Fifth Avenue, Chazen held a number of positions in merchandising and store management. At her next stop, Victoria’s Secret, she was involved in merchandising and product coordination for catalogue, Internet and stores. All of her previous experience and training would prove valuable when she attained her current position, president of 7thOnline, a software-solution business that promotes company return on investment by providing analytical planning and communication tools.

In the years since completing her undergraduate studies, Chazen has established a close relationship with UAlbany’s School of Business and frequently attends events sponsored by the school.

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