Elizabeth Ukpe, merchandising manager for Moda Operandi

Elizabeth Ukpe, B.A.’07

Sharp, Innovative and Creative

By Amy Halloran, B.A.’90

An internship at Vogue magazine the summer before her senior year at UAlbany eventually led Elizabeth Ukpe to her current post as merchandising manager for Moda Operandi.

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After graduation, Ukpe spent three years as a junior account manager with a New York City-based hedge fund support firm. Her internship was key as she made the leap to fashion: “I learned the world of fashion wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed from the outside. It [demanded] tireless hours and required you to be sharp, innovative and a creative thinker.”

Ukpe says her education and extracurricular activities, including the Chamber Singers and Student Senate, taught her dedication. The experiences allowed her to thrive in both workplaces, but especially in the demanding environment of the fashion industry.

“My day to day is so focused around awareness of our vendor and customer profiles, and being able to come up with new ways of organizing and strengthening our business,” says Ukpe.

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