Freelance Photographer Teru Kuwayama, B.A. '93
Activist With a Camera

Cover Story

Activist With a Camera

Freelance photographer Teru Kuwayama, B.A. '93, whose award-winning pictures document history in the making in Afghanistan, Iraq and other international hot spots, sees himself as "more of an activist" than a journalist.


NYLARNET: Producing Knowledge and Results

New York Latino Research and Resources Network studies inform public discourse and policy-making with regard to education, health and other issues concerning the state's Latinos.


"Nature Girl"

Dubbed "Nature Girl" as a student at UAlbany, Judith Brust, M.A. '94, M.F.A. '98, is still awed and inspired by the world's natural wonders.


Into the Eye of the Storm

Faculty and students from the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences take to the wild blue yonder to learn why some storms become hurricanes and others do not.


Real-Life Goddess

For three decades, New York Tour Goddess Jane Marx, B.A. '65, has enjoyed success in a unique job that maximizes her professional talents and "allows for zaniness."


A Philosophical Outlook

"Making plans is futile," observes Elizabeth Gray, B.A. '08, who would rather embrace the opportunities life presents her - and help others in the process.


Doing "the Incredible"

Roberto Vives, director of men's and women's track & field/cross country, makes his student athletes believe that it's possible to do the impossible. And they prove him right.