August 2016 NewsCenter Archive

  • UAlbany awards for women
    Feather in Her Cap
    Who won this year’s Initiatives For Women awards?

  • Adriana Ng, Keyshaun Scales and Moises Urena
    Mission: Success

    How often do 18-year-olds in foster care get the chance to go to college? 

  • News Image from UAlbany
    USNS Harvey Milk Honors Alum, Civil Rights Icon

    The U.S. Navy is set to name a ship after gay activist and civil rights icon Harvey Milk, a 1951 UAlbany alum who encouraged generations of LGBTQ Americans through his actions and words.

  • human jaw strength tested via CT scan
    Humans pack an efficient bite, but at a cost

    New work by an international team of researchers shows that the cranium of modern Homo sapiens is poorly-suited to produce large biting forces due to an important limitation involving the jaw joint.

  • Cidny Ramirez
    Turning Typhoons into Applied Learning

    Find out how one student researcher is trying to decrease typhoon death tolls.

  • Royzen Sarcoma Cure UAlbany
    Catch and Release

    How can Max Royzen’s new treatment of a deadly cancer prevent debilitation?

  • Jennifer Lischak UAlbany accounting major and ReserveAid winner
    Mission of Thanks

    How is one UAlbany military veteran giving a career boost to another?

  • Justin Pegueros interned at Hixny while at the School of Public Health. (Photo by Mark Schmidt)
    Doctor Data
    A future physician contributes to the brave new world of healthcare

  • UAlbany researcher in LUX dark matter
    Dark Search in the Black Hills

    A UAlbany scientist sheds light on an intractable mystery of the cosmos.

  • Two friends at Weather Camp
    Bright Forecast

    Why would high school students hang tiny objects in trees on a hot summer's day?

  • Irving Burbano, UAlbany Class of 2011
    Burbano a 'Young Latino of the White House'

    How does the UAlbany experience remain a part of Irving Burbano's DC success?

  • UAlbany management professor Donald Siegel
    Prolific Prof

    How did a college dean find time to be the University’s most oft-cited scholar?

  • Guyanese community in Schenectady has healthier eating habits
    In the Basket

    School of Public Health Associate Professor Akiko Hosler’s latest research has found some new strategies for fighting the obesity epidemic in inner cities.

  • #UAlbanySummer 2016

    See the applied learning opportunities students took advantage of on-and-off campus this summer.

  • UAlbany students health data visuals
    Now You See It

    How are three grad students designing a healthier picture for New Yorkers?

  • Future Perfect at the University Art Museum
    Perfectly Futuristic

    The Future Perfect exhibition, on display at the University Art Museum through the fall semester, shakes things up.

  • News Image from UAlbany
    A Healthy Guarantee

    What essential tools is The RNA Institute supplying to an exciting new area of therapeutics?

  • Paula Heuser and Maxi Primus
    Field Hockey’s German Duo

    Can Paula Heuser and Maxi Primus win a third straight conference championship this season?

  • UAlbany campus entrance
    Forward Thinking

    How the campus will now address its strategic goals.

  • TV fuels views on crime and justice
    Swayed by Television

    When it comes to views on crime and justice, television news exposure appears to play a more important role than internet media accounts, according to a new study led by researchers at the University at Albany’s School of Criminal Justice.

  • Orientation 2016
    Orientation in Photos

    Were you captured while visiting the campus this summer?

  • New UAlbany students for an "A" on Bob Ford Field
    The Newest Great Danes
    2,670 freshmen have joined the Class of 2020 from an applicant pool of 23,799 – the largest ever received. More than 1,300 new graduate and 1,100 transfer students are also entering the University.

  • UAlbany flags
    Welcome Back
    How many new faces have joined the campus community?

  • Campus Center West addition
    Look Around

    What changes in the physical appearance of the campus do you notice this fall?

  • UAlbany Criminal Justice's Justin Pickett and Sean Patrick Roche
    Presumption of Guilt

    How do TV and the internet affect views about crime?

  • New internet speeds for students at UAlbany
    Re-Built for Speed

    How did student input just bring about dramatic change?

  • Students take a selfie at UAlbany's 2016 Opening Convocation ceremony.
    Photos: Opening Convocation

    Were you spotted at our welcome ceremony for new students?

  • Bill Wales, left, with members of the Executive MBA program.
    5 Questions with Faculty: Bill Wales

    What do park rangers and Martians mean to the business professor?

  • UAlbany drone research on climate change
    Research Grounded Yet Lofty

    Lo! What is that hovering ’midst the trees in nearby forest?

  • Youni Co-Founders
    Igniting Start-Up Success

    See how three teams of recent grads transitioned from students to entrepreneurs.

  • News Image from UAlbany
    'Meeting of Hearts'

    There's a new leader of the Honors College.