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Taylor Swift Opens Music Industry Doors for UAlbany Junior

ALBANY, N.Y. (February 10, 2016) – At only 19 years old, University at Albany junior Zainub Amir is already establishing herself in the music industry – just ask Taylor Swift.

Amir, a business major and Delmar, N.Y. native, is an official social media “fan ambassador” for Swift. She’s one of 10 who’ve been personally selected by Swift’s team to help engage her online fan base.

It began four years ago when Amir created a Twitter account called “SimplySFans.” An admitted Swift fanatic, Amir’s tweets were mostly about her favorite pop icon and the music industry. She began to build a following, and soon after, caught the attention of Swift’s team.

UAlbany junior Zainub Amir (pictured above) serves as a social media "fan ambassador" for Taylor Swift.

Just before the release of Swift’s 2012 album “Red,” Amir’s phone rang from a caller she did not recognize. It was Swift’s team. They wanted to speak with her.

“They [Swift’s team] called me and said they had been following my account’s tweets closely,” Amir said. “Due to my account’s growing number of followers, they said I could be a strong ambassador to help promote Taylor’s new album. I thought it couldn’t be real.”

It was real. Swift’s team asked Amir to come to New York City for the “Red” album release. Along with other selected ambassadors, Amir was instructed on how to best use her fan account to promote the new album. She also met Swift, who now knows her by name. Since the release, Amir’s Twitter account has exploded to over 110,000 followers. She’s also expanded to Tumblr and Instagram.

“I am at the level now where I am able to tell Taylor stuff about my personal life,” Amir said. “Taylor really does care about her fans. She’s basically obsessed with us. I think that is what makes her brand so powerful. She has built a two-way relationship.”

Due to the popularity of “SimplySFans,” Amir is building relationships with other major players in the music and entertainment industry too. She’s currently a contributing blogger for Huffington Post Teen and MTV Voices, and has interned for Nashville Gab.

Beyond that, Amir assists Dick Clark Productions in marketing efforts at popular award shows, including the American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, and American County Countdown Awards. She updates live from “SimplySFans” on the red carpet.

On UAlbany’s campus, Amir is the president of the American Marketing Association. She’s also a social media intern within the University’s Office of Communication and Marketing. She said attending UAlbany has only helped her to further her network.

“The networking opportunities available at UAlbany are endless. From speaker series events, to career fairs, to alums visiting campus, I’ve met so many successful people,” Amir said. “I know I can email alums, or other professionals I meet on campus, and they’ll answer me back. That’s something more students need to take advantage of.”

Learn more about Amir’s role as a Taylor Swift “fan ambassador” in the blog She’s a Boss. Also listen to her interview with 99.5 - The River. To see where other students recently interned, view UAlbany’s 2015 summer opportunities feature.

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