UAS Staff Directory

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Executive Office: (518) 442-5950
Campus Center, Room 222
Stephen Pearse Executive Director
SUNYCard Office: (518) 442-5989
Campus Center, Room B52
Inieka Cooper
Finance & Administration Staff Associate
Boubacar Diallo
SUNYCard & Finance Associate
Daniel Havens SUNYCard System Administrator
Jacobed Kesseh
SUNYCard & Finance Associate
Mo Schifley Senior Director of UAS Administration
Randy Simmons Senior Director of Finance & Business Administration
Sharon Webster Director of SUNYCard
Operations and Communications Office: (518) 442-5950
Colonial Quad, Zenger 37A
Michelle Bowen Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Jennifer Colarusso
Dining Services Contract Manager
Nancy Harrigan Administrative Assistant
Emily Hetzel Services and Reconciliation Manager
Karen Kettlewell Associate Executive Director of Operations
Brendon Phillips Marketing and New Media Manager