Albany Student Dining Advisory Committee

The Albany Student Dining Advisory Committee (ASDAC) is a UAS student advisory group that focuses on all aspects of dining at the University at Albany. Each quad has a representative from Residential Life and Student Association. The three on-campus apartment complexes have one Residential Life representative and one Student Association representative. Students are encouraged to reach out to their respective representatives from their living areas to share feedback. Representatives may hold meetings at various times throughout the semester at their living area and will publicize each meeting with the students they represent.

Living Area Representatives:

Alumni Quad:
Brian Kenny
Colin Delgado

Colonial Quad:
Brian Willert
Cara Berkey

Dutch Quad:
Chloe Ann Blaise
Jeffrey Shapiro

Indian Quad:
Josh Sadigh
Freddy Cruz

State Quad:
Karen Cortez
Nick Pepe

Brett Wolfe
Zach Parker