World of Health and Disease

The World of Health and Disease is designed for incoming freshmen interested in exploring the personal and societal factors that influence a person’s health. In this World, L-LC members will explore the causes of illness, the factors that help people stay healthy,  how disease spreads, and how disease outbreaks are investigated. With fellow L-LC members you will explore different neighborhoods and look at the characteristics of the neighborhood that impact health, participate in health promotion activities and have movie discussion nights. You will also have the opportunity to hear from individuals working in fields that promote health and explore disease.

Freshmen from all majors can enjoy the World of Health and Disease, and those who intend to major in public health, biology, or human biology, or pursue a career in the medical, biological, or social sciences, will find this L-LC particularly interesting.


As a member of the World of Health and Disease, you will live with other incoming freshmen who share your interest in exploring disease and promoting good health. You can study together and attend social and co-curricular programming together. You will have a ready made network of peers from the start. Friendships form quickly in L-LCs!


The World of Health and Disease will take some courses together in the fall and spring semesters of freshman year, and attend health themed events together.

Fall 2013 L-LC Courses
Freshman Seminar: World of Health and Disease
Biology 120: General Biology I
Chemistry 120: General Chemistry I

Spring 2014 L-LC Courses
Your spring L-LC courses, which you will take together as a community, will be finalized mid-fall. Seats will be reserved for you in each designated L-LC course.

Examples of co-curricular events:

  • Guest speakers from fields that promote health and explore disease
  • Field trips exploring neighborhood characteristics that impact health
  • Movie discussion nights
  • Community service (health promotion activities) 


As a member of an L-LC you will have a built in community of friends and colleagues right from the start!

Friends: Study and socialize with fellow L-LC members. Tackle those first-year courses with your friends by forming study groups where you live!

World Ambassadors: Learn the ropes from a peer selected from last year’s most engaged L-LC students.
World Ambassador(s): To be named in May 2013.

Community Assistant: Meet weekly with an upperclass/graduate student to plan or attend social, academic, and community service events.
World of Health and Disease Community Assistant(s): To be named in August 2013.

Lead Faculty Member: Get to know a member of the faculty outside of the classroom at a weekly dinner in your own dining hall!
World of Health and Disease Lead Faculty: Professor Dayna Maniccia
Weekly L-LC Dinner: Thursdays 5:45-6:40pm

L-LC Council: Leadership opportunities abound in the L-LCs! Earn a spot on the Living-Learning Community Student Council by being a leader in your L-LC! Council members are elected by the L-LC to represent the group at meetings throughout the academic year.
World of  Health and Disease Council Member(s): Your name could be here by October of next year!

Eligibility: Students in all majors can enjoy participating in the World of Health and Disease. Students majoring in public health, biology, or human biology or those who intend to pursue careers or graduate degrees in the biological or social sciences may find it especially interesting.