World of Biology

The World of Biology is an community for intended biology majors made by biologists. Freshmen in this L-LC will be able to live and study with other biology majors. Learn what it's like to be a biologist from students, professors and professionals in this field who will help you make the most of your education at UAlbany from the start.

Biology students posing on campus 


As a member of the World of Biology you will live with other incoming freshmen who share your interest in the life sciences. You can study together, attend social and co-curricular programming together, and have a supportive network of peers right from the start. Friendships form quickly in L-LCs!


The World of Biology will take some courses together in the fall and spring semesters of freshman year and attend biology themed events together.

Fall 2014 L-LC Courses
Biology 120: General Biology I
Chemistry 120: General Chemistry I

Spring 2015 L-LC Courses
Biology 121: General Biology II
Chemistry 121: General Chemistry II

Examples of co-curricular events:

  • Weekly biology discussions in your residence hall lounge
  • 'Science in the News' discussion group
  • Pizza, Scientists, and Science Movies night
  • Tours of life sciences facilities
  • Guest speakers
  • Community service
  • Hiking or camping with your world


As a member of an L-LC you will have a built in community of friends and colleagues right from the start!

Friends: Study and socialize with fellow L-LC members. Tackle those first-year courses with your friends by forming study groups where you live!

World Ambassadors: Learn the ropes from a peer selected from last year’s most engaged L-LC students. If you stay an engaged student within your L-LC you could become a World Ambassador your Sophomore year!
World of Biology Ambassadors for 2014:  Rahil Shaikh and John Lockwood

Community Assistant: Meet weekly with an upperclass/graduate student to plan or attend social, academic, and community service events.

Lead Faculty Member: Get to know a member of the faculty outside of the classroom at weekly lunches in your own dining hall!
World of Biology Lead Faculty: Professor Richard Zitomer
Weekly L-LC Lunch: Mondays 12:35-1:30 pm

World Representatives: Leadership opportunities abound in the L-LCs!  Earn a spot as a World Representative by being a leader in your L-LC! World Representatives are elected by the L-LC to represent the group at meetings throughout the academic year.
World of Biology Representative 2014:  Your name could be here by October!

Eligibility: The World of Biology is open to intended biology majors (BS), and is a great fit for those on the pre-health track. Applications from other majors will also be considered on a space available basis. 

 View the World of Biology pamphlet here!