Personal Achievement Liaisons

The PALs mentoring program pairs faculty and staff members with incoming students (freshmen or transfers) to help students get off to a fast start.
Temporarily suspended while we re-organize.


The PALs program aims to foster relationships between first-semester UAlbany students and  members of the faculty or professional staff in order to smooth the student's transition to University life. Personal Achievement Liaisons can help new students adjust by providing:

  • a personal welcome to the University at Albany
  • timely check-ins during the more stressful periods of their first semester (orientation, midterms, final exams)
  • advice about the expectations of the university
  • help figuring out the physical layout of the campus
  • information about university policies and procedures
  • referrals to appropriate campus resources (Advising Plus, Disability Resource Center, Writing Center, etc.), and follow up on whether the student found the support he or she needed
  • encouragement to become involved and engaged in campus activities

If you would like to be a faculty/staff mentor, and help build a culture of high student-faculty/staff engagement while enhancing student retention, then please fill out an Online Mentor Application through MyInvolvement, or Printable Mentor Application.
(Note: you will need your netID and password to log-in to myinvolvement and complete your application online.)

You and Your Mentee
Mentees selected for the PALs program will be chosen at random by Admissions staff. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on demographic variables and/or interests.Information about your mentee should be available by January 14th, 2013. 

The amount of contact a student wants may vary between mentees, but we ask that you check in with your mentee at key points throughout the semester, such as prior to the start of classes, during orientation or the first week of classes, near the mid-term period, and final exam week. Please take advantage of the programs available to you, such as:

  • PALs Mugs: Meet with your mentee for coffee, tea, or soda. Bring both of your mugs to Outtakes and it is on us!
  • Food for Thought: We will cover the cost of your lunch when you dine with your mentee in one of the campus dining halls.Just pick up a  Food for Thought ticket in LC-31. 

    What happens at the end of my mentee's first semester?
    If you find that you have developed a wonderful relationship with your student mentee, and would like to continue your relationship with him or her, please do so! PALs is a first-semester mentoring program, however, designed to help our new students start off on the right foot, so we hope that you will consider being a mentor to another entering student during his or her first semester. We also hope that you will share your experiences with others in your department and encourage them to become PALs Mentors. 

    Resources for PALs Mentors

    A number of resources have been developed to support our PALs mentors, such as:

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions for the PALs program. Please email your comments, questions, and suggestions to Student Engagement at

    Thank you for your interest in the PALs program, a student mentoring program created in response to the University at Albany's Strategic Plan to enhance student engagement and facilitate relationships between faculty/staff and students.

    The PALs program is also thankful to Deloitte and UAS/Chartwells for their support.