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Where There's No Smoke There's Fire

How has the rise e-cigarettes impacted tobacco sales? School of Public Health researcher Akiko Hosler explains in Preventing Chronic Disease, including why the fastest-growing group of e-cigarette users is even more alarming.

UAlbany's RNA Institute

UAlbany Research Seeking Answers for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Earlier this month the world lost sports icon and global humanitarian Muhammad Ali following a long battle with Parkinson's. At UAlbany, researchers work to break down the mysteries surrounding this elusive condition, as well as other similar difficult-to-treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Hormes pregnancy food cravings study

Say it Isn’t So! Indulging While Pregnant Linked to Excess Weight Gain

New research by psychology professor Julia Hormes explains why giving in to food cravings is a bad idea for those expecting.