Alain Kaloyeros: A New Breed of Scholar

Under the strategic vision, pro-active support and critical investment of Governor Andrew Cuomo, the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) continues to chart a revolutionary course for educational and research excellence. That effort is driven by the CNSE's groundbreaking model for partnerships between academia, industry and government. Together, they are increasingly viewed as a national paradigm to fuel innovation and enable global competitiveness.

Alain Kaloyeros, CEO of UAlbany's NanoCollege, embodies a new breed of 21st century academician: a professor and researcher who not only embraces but delights in the role of entrepreneur. Under his leadership, CNSE is recognized as a world-class powerhouse in integrating pioneering education with leading-edge research.

The impact, in economic terms, is stunning. In just over a decade, CNSE has attracted more than $14 billion in public and private investment, over 300 worldwide corporate partners, and nearly 3,000 high-tech jobs at its unparalleled Albany NanoTech Complex.

Across the state, CNSE has catalyzed $28 billion of investment and the creation and retention of more than 12,500 jobs. It has broadened its considerable footprint through CNSE-led enterprises in Utica, Syracuse and Rochester that leverage both the NanoCollege's resources and the strengths of those regions.

Yet what truly energizes Kaloyeros and his colleagues is the knowledge that in some ways, the story is just beginning to unfold – a reflection of the game-changing nature of nanotechnology innovation, and CNSE's standing as the global hub for nanoscale know-how.

A plethora of nanoelectronics research, development and commercialization programs, from faculty research to collaborations with CNSE's industrial and government partners, are enabling development of faster, more powerful, energy-efficient computer chips. Meanwhile, CNSE is leading the world's inaugural and exclusive Global 450 Consortium that will develop the first chips on the 450mm wafer platform.

In accordance with Governor Cuomo's regional blueprint for economic development, the NanoCollege is deploying its unmatched intellectual and technological assets across upstate New York to accelerate research that addresses society's most important issues.

That includes critical programs to enrich health care, including improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer and other deadly diseases; rapid development and delivery of nanomedicines; enhanced organ transplanta- tion; and safeguarding exposure to nanomaterials in the workplace.

Meanwhile, CNSE's growing green energy portfolio is highlighted by advances in CIGS-based photovoltaic technologies through the CNSE-led U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium, along with technologies to improve battery storage and lessen reliance on the grid.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known," said astronomer Carl Sagan. In today's nanotechnology era, that "somewhere" is CNSE, and the stars have already begun to align.