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UAlbany Students Win National Public Anthropology Award

ALBANY, NY (October 30, 2012) -- Eleven anthropology students from the University at Albany have been selected as Public Anthropology Award Winners in a recent North American competition involving more than 3,500 students from 25 schools.


UAlbany Assistant Professor of Anthropology Elise Andaya

Students were invited to share their view on how Institutional Review Boards in the U.S. should enforce a set of common rules regarding research, describing the levels of freedom and regulations enforced in research.

The winning students are a part of Professor Elise Andaya’s Cultural Anthropology class and include: Alexa Geringer, Kathleen Marsillo, Nicole Klohmann, Sean Donnelly, Stephanie Dandaraw, Jonathan Penalosa, Stephanie Akten, Amanda Jesser, Whitney Lavoie, Kara Booth, and AnnMarie Lavelle.

Specializing in gender and medical anthropology, Professor Andaya has conducted fieldwork in Havana, Cuba, on shifts in reproduction, gender ideologies, and kinship strategies since the devastating economic and ideological crisis precipitated by the fall of the socialist bloc. She examines the effects of broad political-economic change on familial and reproductive life. Andaya is also working with social scientists to analyze data from a five-year study on breastfeeding practices in the Bronx, New York City.

Since coming to UAlbany, Andaya has played an integral part in Public Anthropology’s online student community, showcasing the ability of Albany students to learn effective writing skills while being active global citizens. She demonstrates how combining technology with cultural concerns in academic courses positively engages students to participate in the broader world beyond their academic setting, while gaining the skills needed for a productive, active life after graduation.

Learn more about the contest and read the students' award-winning essays. Learn more about UAlbany's Department of Anthropology.

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