IMS Alumni

Claudia Dary



BA, Universidad de San Carlos
MA, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D, University at Albany
Training in Communal Forestry (International Forestry Resources and Institutions [IFRI] Training Program): Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, August 25-October 25, 2001
Elected as Academic Member of the Guatemalan Academy of Geography and History, August 23, 2000

Research interests

Ethnicity, identity, interethnic relations; Mesoamerican ethnohistory. I am also interested in gender and environment issues, especially local knowledge about nature and biodiversity use and conservation.

Current research

Ethnicity, resource competition on common lands in Eastern Guatemala; Maya women and higher education in Guatemala.

Dary, Claudia
2002 The "poqomames" of Palín, tradition and changes in the use and perception of natural resources (Los poqomames de Palín, tradición y cambio en el uso y percepción de los recursos naturales), in Gender and bio-diversity in the indigenous communities of Central America. Claudia Dary, coordinator Guatemala, FLACSO.

Dary, Claudia
2000 Outlook on the Guatemalan society in five USA books on travel (1935-1950), in Anales de la Academia de Geografía e Historia de Guatemala, Guatemala, LXXV.

Dary, Claudia, researcher
1998 "The construction of the nation and citizen's representation in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia" (La construcción de la nación y la representación ciudadana en México, Guatemala, Perú, Ecuador y Bolivia).

Dary, Claudia; Silvel Elías and Violeta Reyna
1998 Strategies for Survival of farmers in fragile eco-systems: The "ch'orti" on the dry mountain slopes of the eastern region of Guatemala" (Estrategias de sobrevivencia campesina en ecosistemas frágiles. Los ch'orti' en las laderas secas del oriente de Guatemala). Guatemala: FLACSO.

Co-author of the UNESCO BOOK "Naif Paintings: Contemporary Mayan painting in Guatemala" (Pintura Naïf. Pintura Maya Guatemalteca Contemporánea Guatemala), 1998.

Dary, Claudia
1997 International humanitarian law and the Mayan judicial system. An historic and cultural perspective (El derecho internacional humanitario y el orden jurídico maya. Una perspectiva histórico cultural). Guatemala: Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO)/Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja (CICR)-Proyecto Maya.

Gálvez-Borrel, Victor; Dary, Claudia; Esquit, Edgar; and Isabel Rodas
1997 What kind of a society do we want? A view from the Mayans’ social movements and organizations (¿Qué sociedad queremos?. Una mirada desde el movimiento y las organizaciones mayas). Guatemala: FLACSO.

Co-author of the "The boys and girls of the corn society" (Niños y Niñas del Maíz): San José, Costa Rica: UNESCO office for
Central America and Panama, 1995.