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The publication of scholarly books on Mesoamerica is one of the major activities of the Institute.  IMS publishes two series of scholarly books on Mesoamerica: IMS Monographs and Studies on Culture and Society.  Our books are edited and produced in-house, printed and bound at a commercial press.

IMS also periodically publishes Occasional Publications and Papers. These are usually project or site reports that are produced in-house as well. The only difference is that authors submitting occasional publications and papers are responsible for their own editing, design, and layout.

Institute for Mesoamerican Studies Monograph Series Titles

Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, Studies on Culture and Society Titles

IMS Occasional Publications Series Titles

The Legacy of Mesoamerica

Have IMS Publish a Book or Manuscript: Procedures for Publication

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Out-of-Print Publications

Beginning shortly, IMS will make available all of our out-of-print titles for on-demand purchase.  These books will be copied as they are requested, and can be either bound or unbound.  We will have a list of titles and prices available very soon, so check back here or stop by the IMS office to preview the books.

Copies of Louise Burkhart's The Slippery Earth are now available. You will be able to download the PDF of the file here.


*Note about availability and ordering*
You can order our books, except the Legacy of Mesoamerica, through
University of Colorado Press, or through us at IMS.  
Most other books, including current publications, can also be ordered through  Please keep in mind that if lists a book as out of print, it is still likely available through IMS. Contact us for availability if you have trouble finding a title you want. If you have questions about ordering, please feel free to contact us.


The Legacy of Mesoamerica: History and Culture of a Native American Civilization Vol 2.

Edited by Robert M. Carmack, Janine Gasco, and Gary H. Gossen

The Legacy of Mesoamerica 2nd Edition carefully blends the experiences of a variety of indigenous peoples, showing what they share and how they differ.  Please note that this book cannot be ordered through IMS. Click on the cover for more information, and instructions for ordering.

ISBN 0-13-049292-2