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corn For Authors and Editors Preparing
Computer Diskettes for Publication

Introduction The Institute produces camera-ready copy using the Aldus Pagemaker for Windows software. We import submitted files into Pagemaker for page composition. We can take ASCII text files and other word processing files and convert them into files for final editing and coding. Please contact the Institute's Editor to discuss the format of your files.

Strict adherence to these guidelines and those of the IMS Style Guide will facilitate rapid and accurate production of your book. Please call the Editor if you have questions or problems.

General Instructions

Start all lines at the left margin; do not use tabs or indents (except in tables; see discussion below). Separate paragraphs with a double carriage return. Separate headings from the following text with a double carriage return.
Use one and only one blank space between words and after punctuation (including periods at the ends of sentences).
Do not use bold face or underlining. Use the italics codes to indicate italic text.
Use accents where needed on non-English words. Accents must be part of the text file, not added by hand to the printed copy.


Type all subheadings flush left, preceeded by the code for the level (see IMS Style Guide):

<ah>This is an A-Level Subhead

<bh>This is a B-Level Subhead

<ch>And Here is a C-Level Subhead

Separate subheadings from preceding and following paragraphs with a double carriage return.

References Cited:

Author[Hard Return]

Date[Tab]Full citation in correct format (use italics, not underline, for titles).


Table files should be gathered together on the first diskette. Make each table a separate file, clearly labelled. For example, for table 3.2 call the file "t3-2.doc".
Place notes to a table in a separate file, clearly labelled; e.g., t3-2n.doc".
Type tables using tabs for the columns. We prefer using tables in regular WordPerfect format rather than tables made with the Table Editor. Eliminate any horizontal or vertical lines from the diskette files.

Diskettes and Files For ASCII files, use the suffix "asc."

FIRST DISKETTE: Front matter (including title page, table of contents, lists of figures and tables), end matter, and tables.

ADDITIONAL DISKETTES: Chapters in numerical order.

Make sure you keep copies of all files sent to the Institute.