IMS Associates

Student Associates

Archaeology Students

Caroline Antonelli Mesoamerican archaeology, agrarian economies, human-environmental interaction, geospatial analysis

Jeff Bryant Mesoamerican archaeology, paleoethnobotany, soils, anthropogenic ecology

Josalyn Ferguson Maya Prehistory, the Terminal Classic, migration, cave use, architecture, ceramics

Collin Gillenwater Mesoamerican Archaeology, PostClassic

Sarah Heins Paleoenvironments, animal husbandry, osteology, isotope analysis

Kyle Lockhart Mesoamerican Archaeology, complex societies

Morgan Marx household archaeology, figurine production and use, archaeology of childhood and processes of societal inculcation

Rebecca Mendelsohn archaeology of the southern Pacific Coast of Mexico, development of sociopolitical complexity, networks and interregional interaction, starch grain analysis

Yahaira Nuñez Cortés Lower Central America and Mesoamerican archaeology, complex societies, interregional interaction, political economy