IMS Associates


IMS Alumni

Christopher Valesey (M.A. 2015) Colonial Mexico, Nahuatl, Saints, Memories of Conquest

Ricardo Vázquez (Ph.D. 2014) Archaeology of Costa Rica

Marx Navarro Castillo (Ph.D. 2014) Archaeology of Classic Period Chiapas, ceramic analysis

Christine Preble (Ph.D. 2014) Tourism, cruise ship industry, Mexico

Katie Kurtessis (M.A. 2014) Tourism, expatriate communities in Latin America and development

Ignacio Cases (M.A. 2014) Mesoamerican writing systems, archaeoastronomy

Ilona Flores (Ph.D. 2013) Nicaragua, reproductive politics

Justin Lowry (Ph.D. 2013) Mesoamerican archaeology, paleoclimatology, GIS

Elizabeth Paris (Ph.D. 2012) Economy, social complexity, interregional interaction, status, mortuary practices, copper artifacts, Mayapán

Courtney Kurlanska (Ph.D. 2012) Globalization, migration, and immigration in Central America, Nicaragua

Kosuke Matsukawa (Ph.D. 2012) Mesoamerican languages

Nadia Marín-Guadarrama (Ph.D. 2012) Ethnohistory, Nahuatl, Central Mexico, ethnography of communication, folklore, gender and feminism; Mazahua women in the State of Mexico

Winston Scott (Ph.D. 2012) Political economy, social disaffection, plantation and co-operative agriculture, K'iche'an Language Family (K'iche', Q'eqchi', and Kaqchikel Mayan)

Sarah Taylor (Ph.D. 2012) Community-based development, political ecology land use, ethnographic film, voluntourism, Yucatan

David Fleischer (Ph.D. 2009) Anthropology of tourism, urban anthropology, environment and ecotourism, Mexico and Brazil

Bradley Russell (Ph.D. 2008) Postclassic Mayapán and northern Belize, survey, ceramics, religion, Mayapan Periphery Project

Claudia Dary (Ph.D. 2008) Etnicity, identity, common lands

Catherine Stanford (Ph.D. 2008) Nicaragua, religion, politics, social movements; environmental and applied anthropology

Jonathan Maupin (Ph.D. 2006) Health and Illness, migration

Miguel Aguilera (Ph.D. 2004) Mesoamerica, matrial culture, iconography, social theory

Timothy J. Smith (Ph.D. 2004) Latin American development, electoral politics and democracy, ethnicity and race, environmental subjectivities, indigenous languages (Kaqchikel Mayan and Napo Kichwa), immigration; Latin America (Mesoamerica, Guatemala, Ecuador) and Europe (France and Spain)

Timothy S. Hare (Ph.D. 2001) Regional Analysis, spatial Statistics, early States, Economic Anthropology

Nancy Forand (Ph.D.2001) Dissertation "Mayas in the Afe of Apocalypse: Folk Evangelicals and Catholics in Quintana Roo"

Pedro Pitarch (Ph.D.1993) Mesoamerican Ethnology, cosmology, ontology, indigenous animism and chamanism, ritual language and narratives, human rights and identity politics

Quetzil Castañeda (Ph.D. 1991) Tourism, heritage, visual anthropology, Maya peoples and histories, US LAtino cultures

Brenda Rosenbaum (Ph. D. 1987) Mayan Hands Fair Trade Organization

Liliana Goldin (Ph.D. 1986) Global poverty, economic development, indigenous populations, Guatemala, Latin America, US Latinos

Duncan Earle (Ph.D. 1984) Development Anthropology, environmental justice, sustainable development, community-based organizations, Mexico, DR Congo, Surinam,

Fernando Ocampo Ethnohistory, Colonial Mexico, Nahuatl texts