University at Albany

Domestic Student Health Insurance

Information on changes for 2016/2017 will be announced the beginning of May 2016.

  • Insurance for International Students is required and is administered by the Office of International Education. Please contact the Office of International Education for information on this topic.

2015/2016 Health Insurance

Full time domestic graduate students:

  • Domestic full time graduate students taking at least 12 on campus credits are eligible for the same UAlbany SHIP as full time undergraduate students but enroll directly through UnitedHealthCare. Please visit to learn more and sign up.
  • Step by Step Online Enrollment for full time graduate students:

    1. Visit
    2. Select “Buy College Student Health Insurance Now” tab from the home page
    3. Enter “albany” and select search, select University at Albany link
    4. Carefully review the policy brochure and select the “Enroll Now” link from the menu
    5. Confirm that your school name is correct
    6. Enter basic information and select “Continue”
    7. Select your plan and optional coverage if desired
    8. Select a user name and password for your online account
    9. Enter additional student information and select payment method
    10. After verifying payment method, select “Continue” to purchase the policy

Part time students are not eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Other possible insurance options for New York State Residents:

Individuals can compare plans and may apply for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace: or get help with this Marketplace through the  UAlbany on-campus health insurance navigators--its free, and the Navigators are certified and trained  by the NYS Office of Health to use this website. 
UAbany School of Social Welfare Navigators are here to help you get health insurance.  The help is free and  located conveniently for you on-campus.  Make an appointment with one of UAlbany's navigators today by calling 518-442-3854 or email .  View their web site here. Based in the School of Social Welfare, NYSOH certified navigators assist individuals signing up for health insurance through the New York State Marketplace.  They take the guess work out of getting the health insurance plan that is right for you and then help you to sign up!