Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Recent Dissertation Topics

The Role of Developmental and Relational Factors in the Career Decision-Making Process of Adolescent Mothers (Mena Stramenga)

Personality and Acculturation Style: Adaptation of North Americans in Taiwan (Michelle Swagler)

A Method of Self-Supervision: Its Effects on Therapist Trainees (Jeffrey Levitt)

An Investigation of Acculturation and Psychological Adjustment of Socially Mobile Individuals (Michael Groat)

Ethnic Identity and Peer Attachment Factors Associated with the Adjustment of Latino College Freshmen (Normaris González)

The Impact of Health Adjustment and Perceived Social Support on the Career Exploration of Adolescents Living with Sickle Cell Anemia (Claudine Lochard)

The Relationship Between Spouses’ Conflict Management Behaviors, Spousal Support, and Spousal Negativity, and Their Children’s Social Competence (Sara Moritzen)

Psychologists’ Hostility Assessments of and Willingness to Treat Substance Abuse Clients with AIDS/HIV (Jennifer Smith Hastings )

The Relationship Between Religious Coping and Psychological Distress in Parents of Children with Cancer (Lucille Cardella)

Counselor Hypothesis-Testing Strategies in Implicit and Explicit Diagnostic Contexts (Michele Speranza)

Family and Individual Functioning and Computer/Internet Addiction (Geri Weitzman)

The Imposter Phenomenon and Self Experience: The Role of Shame and Self Cohesion in Perceived Fraudulence (Sarah Finkelberg White)

The Work Lives of Sex Offenders: A Phenomenological Perspective (Bianca Schaefer)

Optimism, Coping, Social Support and Romantic Relationship Satisfaction: A Mediational Analysis (Nancy Field)

Three Perspectives on the Family Therapy Alliance (Michael Beck)

The Effects of Occupational Environment and Gender Traditionality on Self Efficacy for a Non-traditional Occupation in Community College Women (Gina Aguayo)