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Susan D. Phillips
Professor (affiliated with the Counseling Psychology Division)
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
(518) 442-4988

Bio  -  Research

SUSAN D. PHILLIPS (Ph.D. Columbia University). Dr. Phillips joined the Counseling Psychology faculty in 1979. Currently the Provost, she is now an affiliated member of the faculty (not currently teaching or taking research assistants). Dr. Phillips is the recipient of the Holland Award for outstanding research in career and personality psychology, the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Distinguished Psychologist Award from the Psychological Association of Northeastern New York, and the Cooperative Leadership Award from the National School Development Council. A Fellow in the American Psychological Association, her work has appeared in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, the Journal of Vocational Behavior, and The Counseling Psychologist. Dr. Phillips’s work is in the area of decision making and career development. She recently completed two terms as Chair for the Committee on Accreditation, American Psychological Association.


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