Student Resources

The following is a list of university resources that you will need to consult during your time here (especially in the first year).

1. Division Listservs : we have two listservs for the division, one for faculty and students and one just for the DSA. These are private lists so please contact a DSA officer for more info on how to get on the listservs if you are a current or new student.

Note: All new students receive info on how to join the listservs at orientation in September.

2. Campus Maps: Uptown | Downtown

3. Schedule of Classes Search (for our division courses, use ONLY the schedule listed on the doc bulletin board across from ED 220 as it is the only up-to-date schedule).

4. MyUAlbany

5. NY State Residency Information

For those of you who have just moved to NY, or have been here for one year now ... the link (below) outlines the requirements for NY State residency. If you have any questions, call or visit the Student Accounts office. The application form (to apply for residency) can be used as a checklist that will help you cover all the bases (e.g., changing automobile and voter registration).

6. Graduate Student Organization

GSO Listserv:
To subscribe the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) listserv, send a blank e-mail message (with no subject line) to:

7. UA Libraries

On the library's Interlibrary Loan website, you can have articles that are in the library delivered to you electronically. All you have to do is log into the ILL site:

After logging in, you'll find a number of tabs at the top of the page. Click on the "UA Delivery" tab, and you can request any article within any of the 3 libraries. If you submit your request on a weekday, I found that it usually takes only about 2-3 hours for the library staff to e-mail you the electronic copy. Then you can print it out at home (or better yet, in the lab downstairs). There are limits (5 articles per day/ 50 pages per article).

8. Parking Services

The Dutch Lot is the one most students park in as there is usually always a spot and is the most convenient to the Education Building.

9. University Health Center