Current Advanced Practicum Sites

The following is a list of the 2004-2005 Advanced Practicum (ECPY 808) sites. Please note that what is listed here is for information purposes only and openings/availability are subject to change.

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College Counseling Centers

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) | Russell Sage and Sage College | College of St. Rose | Skidmore College | Williams College | University at Albany | College at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Counseling Center, Troy |

Primary responsibilities/population:  Individual therapy (75%), assessment (25%, WAIS, WMS, WJ-R, MMPI-2), report writing, workshops, and consultation.  College students.

Russell Sage and Sage College of Albany Wellness Center, Troy | Website

Primary responsibilities
Individual therapy (100%), opportunity for other experiences (i.e., group and workshops). Wellness approach with clients, spirituality of clients is acknowledged, weekly case conference/seminar; there is no gender diversity

College of St. Rose, Albany

Primary responsibilities/population: Individual and group therapy, workshops and consultation.  College students. Supervision from interpersonal perspective opportunity for long-term therapy, weekly case conference.


Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs | Website

Primary responsibilities/population:  Group (20%) and individual psychotherapy (70%), workshops and consultation (10%).  College students. Supervision from interpersonal perspective, opportunity for long-term therapy, weekly case conference, no assessment experience needed

Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts | Website

Primary responsibilities/population:  Brief and extended individual therapy, group therapy, psychological consultation skills and workshops.  Multidisciplinary staff (M.D.s, MSWs, & Ph.D.s).   College students.

UAlbany Counseling Center, Albany | Website

Primary responsibilities/population: therapy/intervention (50%), assessment (50%), and consultation.  College community. Diverse staff responsibilities, gain Rorschach and other testing experience, attend several case conferences/seminars each week; sport psych experience possible.


College of Oneonta Counseling Center, SUNY Oneonta | Website

Primary Responsibilities/population: Short-term indiv. & couples therapy, possibility for groups and outreach.  College  students. Weekly case conferences, sport psych experience possible.

Mental Health Centers/Hospitals

StrattonVA | St. Mary's Hospital | NeuroPsychologic Rehabilitation Services | Samaritan Mental Health | Sunnyveiw Hospital | Counseling Care | Greene County Mental Health | Astor Home for Children

Stratton VA Hospital, Albany

Primary responsibilities: varies by rotation.  Inpatient or outpatient veterans; see descriptions posted on bulletin board.  Assessment (25%), group therapy (20%), other time spent writing up reports, supervision, and possibly some individual therapy. Inpatient or outpatient veterans. Case conferences/seminars available, focus on diagnostic and conceptualization skills, focus on group work with some potential for small number of individual clients, should be interested in working with trauma victims.

4 Programs:

Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Program (composed of 3 programs, focus typically on team treatment planning, group therapy, initial screenings, and formal assessments.  Individual therapy, psychoeducational classes, skill building are also part of program. Mornings preferred)

Community Day Program (includes assessment, co-facilitating groups, intake evals and milieu treatment, team treatment planning, and possibly individual therapy/case management; 2 semesters required; daytime typically between 8 and 1)

Behavioral Health Clinic (includes individual therapy, neuropsych and/or psycho-diagnostic assessment, attending weekly case conferences and making presentations over course of practicum; 2 semesters required; attendance at case fonference required.

Neuropsychology Clinical assessment (cognitive and personality assessments). Emphasis on holistic assessment and a process approach to neuropsychology. Participate in feedback sessions with clients, consultation with other providers, and case conferences in the Behavioral health Clinic. May also assist with other special projects related to TBI among Iraq Veterans, transplant evaluations, gastric bypass surgery evaluations, spinal cord stimulator trial evaluations, driving evaluation program, and/ or dementia project, as time permits.


Albany Medical Center

Primary responsibilities: conduct interviews; administor score, and interpret neuro-psychological test; report writing. Adults with various neurological illnesses and injuries (Stroke, Alzheimer's, Pakinsan's, MS, TBI)

St. Mary's Hospital, Amsterdam

Adult Mental Health Clinic

Primary responsibilities: Individual (75%), group (25%), some couples/family psychotherapy, emergency intakes, limited formal assessment, participation in study group focusing on Latino mental health issues. Monthly seminars, large Latino population, primarily low SES population.

NeuroPsychologic Rehabilitation Services, Albany and Chatham

Primary responsibilities:  Neuropsych assessment (10 – 20%), individual (5-10%), group (75%), and family counseling for clients with brain injuries (minimal).  Intensive cognitive remediation treatment, treatment planning, and community liaison activities.  Function as member of a treatment team, supervised by two licensed psychologists. Extensive supervision, multidisciplinary team; narrow focus on brain pathology

Sunnyview Hospital, Schenectady

Primary responsibilities/population:  Lead stress management/relaxation groups; supportive counseling. Possibility of conducting brief cognitive assessments, report wiring, feedback to multidiscoplinary treatment team. Geriatric population on cardiac/pulmonary unit.

Counseling Care and Services

Primary responsibilities/population:  Individual, family, and couples therapy, possibly group therapy; play therapy opportunity; psychoeducational programs. Outpatient adults, children, couples, and families. 

Greene County Mental Health (outpatient community mental health)

Primary responsibilities Individual therapy with adults (75%), assessment (10%); If student is interested-gain experience in forensic setting (Greene County Jail) doing anger-management groups or mental health evals.  Possibility of child/adolescent work but would be a small portion of client load. Rural, demographically and clinically diverse adults (primarily) and some children and family work. Teleconferencing for case consultation.

Astor Home for Children (Rhinebeck and Redhook, NY) | website

Primary responsibilities/population

(Residential):  Individual therapy, co-facilitate family therapy and group sessions. Weekly case conferences, peer supervision for group therapy, monthly family therapy training  with outside consultant for 3 hours, attend any agency-sponsored training.