Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology

Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology is a multidisciplinary endeavor devoted to research, teaching, and service in the use of psychological principles to promote lifelong growth, learning, and development in multiple life roles and contexts. Four disciplines are represented in the department: Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology & Methodology, School Psychology, and Special Education.

Chair: Kevin Quinn
ED 230
(518) 442-5050

The Counseling Psychology division offers a wide variety of graduate-level scientist-practitioner preparation programs in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health Counseling.

Division Director: Michael V. Ellis
ED 217
(518) 442-5040

The Educational Psychology & Methodology division has a long history of preparing excellent scholars, teachers, and researchers on the graduate level to advance human learning and development in a variety of settings, with approaches accommodated to the range of human diversity.

Division Director: Joan Newman
ED 236
(518) 442-5055

The School Psychology division prepares school psychologists to integrate psychological theory, research, and established methods of scientific inquiry into effective practice; and to engage in research and evaluation activities that contribute to the science and practice of psychology.

Division Director: Deborah K. Kundert
ED 209
(518) 442-5072

The Special Education division offers full-time and part-time graduate-level programs in Special Education and Inclusion, as well as a combined Special Education/Literacy degree with the Reading Department.

Division Director: Deborah May
ED 231
(518) 442-5077