The Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology is part of the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology within the School of Education. The Division has had a long history of preparing excellent scholars, teachers, and researchers to advance human learning and development in a variety of settings, with approaches accommodated to the range of human diversity.

Three graduate programs are offered within the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology

Educational Psychology & Methodology News

  • Special Issue on GxI in Prevention Science

     Dr. Gabriel Schlomer served as co-editor of a recently published special issue in Prevention Science titled The Implications of Genetics for Prevention and Intervention Programming. The papers in the special issue cover several overarching themes that have emerged as critical for gene-by-intervention (GxI) research, many of which are applicable to the broader molecular GxE research field. The special issue is a great collection of papers that includes many new and established scholars and can be used as a backdrop for how to (and not to) incorporate genetics in prevention/intervention research.

  • New Book on Development and Alcohol Use Disorders

     In a new book titled Alcohol Use Disorders: A Developmental Approach to Etiology, Dr. Gabriel Schlomer and colleagues contributed a chapter on the genetic basis of alcohol use disorder. The book provides a unique focus on developmental factors in alcohol use disorders including genetics, epigenetics, brain function, and the environment - all within the context of human development.

  • Faculty and Students Present at NERA 2017

    Dr. Mariola Moeyaert and Dr. Kim Colvin presented with their graduate students at the Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA). Among other research activities, Dr. Moeyaert and student Emily Rodabaugh presented their work on multilevel modeling of single case data. Dr. Colvin and student Guher Gorgun presented research on how respondents from different cultures make use of scale categories and Dr. Colvin and student Thomas Robertson also presented their research on the measures that states use to assess college readiness.

  • Dr. Zheng Yan Leads a Special Section on Mobile Technology and Children

    How do children use smart devices? How does mobile devise use affect the development of K-12 students? These are the questions posed in a recently published special section of Child Development, co-edited by Dr. Zheng Yan. The special section shows how diverse the use of mobile technology is among children and adolescents and highlights both the positive and negative impacts of the wide dispersal of mobile phones. Dr. Yan teaching several courses at the University at Albany, including ESPY 714 Psychology of Computers, which will be offered in Spring 2018.

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