The Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology is part of the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology within the School of Education. The Division has had a long history of preparing excellent scholars, teachers, and researchers to advance human learning and development in a variety of settings, with approaches accommodated to the range of human diversity.

Three graduate programs are offered within the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology

Educational Psychology & Methodology News

  • Graduate Student Tom Robertson Wins President's Award for Leadership

    Ph.D student Tom Robertson was granted the President's Award for Leadership - University Governance Leadership Award. The award recognizes his significant contributions to the quality of student life on campus. Tom has been an active student representative in University governance regarding policy matters for both students and the University itself. Tom also serves on the executive board for the campus-wide Graduate Student Association. Tom will receive the award at the President's ceremony April 15, 2018. Congratulations Tom!

  • Human Development Major Flourishes!

    In Fall 2016, when the School of Education unveiled its first undergraduate major in some 40 years, it anticipated student interest from a range of academic fields, education-based and otherwise. What it received was the type of clamor usually found for new offerings in cybersecurity, biomed engineering, and computer game technology. Based in the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology, the Bachelor of Science in Human Development enrolled 7 students when it opened in Fall 2016. As of Spring 2018, the major boasts an enrollment of 288, a 40-fold increase in less than four semesters.

  • Highly Cited Book on Single Case Designs

    Dr. Mariola Moeyaert and colleagues have authored a chapter in the well-known text Single Case Research Methodology: Applications in Special Education and Behavioral Sciences. Now in its 3rd Edition, the book presents a thorough, technically sound, user friendly, and comprehensive discussion of single case research methodology. Dr. Moeyaert's chapter covers the analysis and meta-analysis of experimental data that use single case designs.

  • Special Issue on GxI in Prevention Science

     Dr. Gabriel Schlomer served as co-editor of a recently published special issue in Prevention Science titled The Implications of Genetics for Prevention and Intervention Programming. The papers in the special issue cover several overarching themes that have emerged as critical for gene-by-intervention (GxI) research, many of which are applicable to the broader molecular GxE research field. The special issue is a great collection of papers that includes many new and established scholars and can be used as a backdrop for how to (and not to) incorporate genetics in prevention/intervention research.

  • New Book on Development and Alcohol Use Disorders

     In a new book titled Alcohol Use Disorders: A Developmental Approach to Etiology, Dr. Gabriel Schlomer and colleagues contributed a chapter on the genetic basis of alcohol use disorder. The book provides a unique focus on developmental factors in alcohol use disorders including genetics, epigenetics, brain function, and the environment - all within the context of human development.

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