The Carillon

Spotlight Series

UAlbany Graduates of the Last Decade

Liliana Hernandez

Lauren Ursaki ’13, ’14

Senior Consultant, Stoneturn Group
Hometown: Burlington, Conn.   
High School: Lewis S. Mills High School



Why did you choose to attend UAlbany?

I was eager to leave my small hometown and attend a school that gave me access to jobs in New York City post-graduation. I had no idea what to expect when I chose UAlbany, but it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

What is your favorite memory of campus?

My favorite memory of campus is hanging out with friends in the main library Purple Room (where many students congregated in between classes and free periods).

What is UAlbany’s biggest strength?

Its extensive alumni network.


How did your UAlbany education and experience help you to prepare for your current professional role?

My UAlbany education/experience helped prepare me for this role by not only providing a strong accounting foundation, but also developing the soft skills crucial in succeeding in the business world. The UAlbany culture emphasizes the importance of communication and leadership skills through its professors, clubs/organizations, 
and recognition of students.


Why do you support the UAlbany Fund? 

I support the UAlbany Fund for the students. I am grateful for the alumni who contributed to the UAlbany that I experienced, and  I want to be a part of that for future UAlbany generations.