The Carillon

Authors & Editors

Wind Rose House by Ann Sullivan

Ann Barry Sullivan, B.A.’66, M.L.S.’71, is the author of Wind Rose House. The novel focuses on Kate, a young girl who lost her mother and who now faces the prospect of being uprooted because her father wants to move the family back to his hometown in the Adirondacks. The book is available online at Amazon. 

An Italian Boy's Life by Frank Tassielli

Frank Tassielli, B.A.’66, is the author of An Italian Boy’s Life, which tells the story of his impoverished childhood, his arrival in America shortly after the end of WWII, and his years as a high-school English teacher and guidance counselor. 

Marcia Darvin Spada, B.A.’67, M.A.’85, is the author of New York Real Estate for Salespersons, 6th Edition, and companion textbook, Cram for the Exam: Your Guide to Passing the New York Salesperson and Broker Exams. Published by OnCourse Learning, the textbooks are adopted by proprietary schools and higher-learning institutions. 

Naked Believer by Douglas Alan Walrath

Douglas Alan Walrath, M.A.’70, recently published Naked Believer, a novel about the “God debate” in American society. Walrath is also the author of Displacing the Divine: The Minister in the Mirror of American Fiction

There Goes My Heart by Marilyn Cohen Shapiro

Marilyn Cohen Shapiro, B.A.’72, M.S.’74, published her first book, There Goes My Heart, a collection of more than 40 essays that capture special moments in her life spent in upstate New York, Florida, Colorado, and beyond. 

Victoria (Petix) Leo, B.A.’73, published the 2nd edition of Journey Out of SAD: Beat the Seasonal Blues Now, and her newest title, 101 Stress-Busters for People Who Can’t Meditate. Leo teaches at Green River Community College in Auburn, Wash., and is a clinical hypnotherapist at Soaring Dragon.

John Dewey by Chuck Howlett

Chuck Howlett, Ph.D.’74, is the author of John Dewey: America’s Peace-Minded Educator, a careful study of the late Columbia University educator known for his use of pragmatic philosophy to build a consensus for world peace. 

Ed Moser, B.A.’77, is the author of The Two-Term Jinx!: Why Most Second-Term Presidents Stumble, and How  Some Succeed, a popular account of the wild presidencies of two-term chief executives, from George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt. 

Elaine Mellon Lahm, B.A.’81, M.S.’83, is the author of unREAL Education: Beyond Report Cards, which offers a powerful expose on the public-school system through the true story of Mellon’s son and the academic struggles he experienced. The book aims to encourage and offer a fresh perspective of support to other parents and child guardians as they navigate their way through the public educational system. Mellon is married to Phil Lahm ’81.

Rhonda Amoroso, B.A.’82, recently published the cookbook Behind Every Great Recipe-From Latkes to Vodkas & Beets to Meats.

Indian Summer and Other Stories by Fred Bubbers

Fred Bubbers, B.A.’82, published his first collection of short stories, Indian Summer and Other Stories, in September 2016. 

Publishing Your Medical Research by Daniel Byrne

Daniel W. Byrne, B.A.’83, M.S.’89, is the author of Publishing Your Medical Research. Byrne is a faculty member in the Department of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. 

How Will I Know You? by Jessica Treadway

Jessica Treadway, B.A.’83, is the author of How Will I Know You? a People Magazine “Book of the Week” selection. Treadway previously published another novel and two story collections, one of which received the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. 

The Rules by Darryl and Mary Rose Green

Darryl Green, M.A.’97, and Mary Rose Green, M.S.’94, recently published their third children’s book, The Rules. The fun and clever K-3-level book is a great read-along for kids and parents and is available on 

Daniel M. Clough, B.A.’02, published Genesis According to the Saints, a well researched and thoughtfully composed listing of the Commentary of the saints and Fathers and Doctors of the Church who have written of the first three chapters of Genesis. 

Mildred Chang, Ph.D.’07, is the author of The Mask is Off, Spanish Simple and Natural, and Trumpy the Strange Elephant. Chang’s books are available on