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Donald Sayles still lives by Great Sacandaga Lake in New York. He stays active caring for his property and still drives. He visits the Schenectady-Burnt Hills area on Thursdays and sees his two sons often. Eleanor Alland expects her first great-grandchild in May. She met Helen Kisiel Schick’s nephew, Don Kisiel ’66, at Homecoming. Don provided Helen’s contact information, and Eleanor caught up with her over the phone. Eleanor keeps in touch with Adrienne Lorio Caruso. Gari Paticopoulos lives in Florida, drives her own car and is active in her church. She visited family in Albany in Dec. Gari enjoyed a visit with family from Shanghai and the chance to see her great-grandson, who was baptized while she was in Albany. Gari talked to Julie Genovesi Fassett of Cherry Valley, N.Y. Julie is doing well and loves spending time with her five children and six grandchildren. Gari keeps in touch with Ruth Doran of Baldwinsville, N.Y. Sheila Digney now lives at Prestwick Chase in Saratoga Springs.

Class notes councilor: Eleanor Holbig Alland, [email protected]


Your class councilor is happy to report that several classmates – Russell Bailey, Robertson Baker, Jack Kirby, Bob Kloepfel, Jake Schuhle, and Dick Zeller – can now be classified as nonagenarians. Bob Kloepfel, former math teacher, reported his age as “10 squared minus 3 squared.” Jerry Dunn and wife Shirley enjoyed a family gathering in Cape Cod in 2015. Nine of Jerry’s grandchildren cannot always attend family gatherings as they’ve graduated from college and have jobs. Jerry and Shirley were blessed with their first great-grandchild in March 2016. Ursula Neuhaus Schiff enjoyed a visit from her son, Robert, at Thanksgiving. She was planning to go on a Caribbean cruise in March. Bob Kaiser and wife Mary Anne traveled from their home in Scottsdale, Ariz., to Lake St. Catherine, Vt., to spend time with their son. They visited Joe Zanchelli and Joyce Zanchelli ’52 in Saratoga Springs. “Freddy” Laemmerzahl Miller’s daughter, Erica, was asked to give a lecture in Sweden on her experiences in American wildlife rehabilitation. The 5.0 earthquake that occurred near Stillwater, Okla., did not damage Freddy’s property. She flew to Newark, Del., to visit her daughter and on Thanksgiving Day, they drove to Gainesville, Va., to celebrate with her brother and several family members. While in the area, Freddy visited the Holocaust Museum. Bonnie Totten Adkins and husband Lee are busy, as usual. During the summer and fall, Lee officiated two grandsons’ weddings, one on an island at Saranac Lake and one on the shore of Sacandaga Lake. Oct. was a busy month for Bonnie and Lee. They enjoyed lunch with Joe and Joyce Zanchelli, and traveled to Tulsa, Okla. to celebrate the wedding and graduation ceremonies of their Bosnian friend, Namik, who was their translator when they were on a mission trip several years ago. Bonnie and Lee spent Thanksgiving with Lee’s family in Charlton, N.Y. Anne Sulich Raser had a great family reunion at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. Her 3-year-old great-grandson, Maxx, received autographs from Disney characters. Elsa Moberg Cox says she is finally beginning to feel her age. She was diagnosed with cancer in Oct. One of her daughters is a physical therapist and helped Elsa recover at home following lumpectomy surgery. Elsa’s other daughter, Britta, traveled to England to spend time with her daughter, who is attending Pepperdine Law School. Elsa is still active in the Presbyterian Church. After a series of surgeries and falls, Ruth Leier Fishburn moved from her home in Kissimmee, Fla., to an assisted-living facility near her son’s residence in East Texas. Ruth’s husband, who retired from Xerox, passed away in 2007. In addition to her son and family in Texas, Ruth has a son and family in New Jersey, and one grandson, the child of deceased daughter Rachel, in New Hampshire. Ruth stays in touch with Doris Hoeninger Andersen, who lives in Grand Rapids, Mich. Bob Kittredge reports that he and Diana are blessed to be in good health, still driving, and active in their community. Bob serves on the board and program committee of his Rotary Club and attends a semi-weekly tai chi class. As member of the Senior Dog Squad at his senior residence facility, Bob still performs with the Fresno State cheerleading squad at football and basketball games. He serves food to the homeless at Poverello House in Fresno and is involved with food distribution and other support in a nearby low-income neighborhood. Diana is also very active in several community projects. The Kittredges never seem to slow down! As members of the UAlbany Alumni Association Arts and Culture Committee, Joe Zanchelli and Joyce attended the retirement dinner for former UAlbany Art Museum Director Janet Riker. They celebrated 65 years of marriage in June and enjoyed a week’s worth of activities in Chesapeake Bay with family. Joe and Joyce will attend their grandson Michael’s wedding in Washington, D.C., this May.

Class notes councilor: Joe Zanchelli, [email protected]


Irwin Baumel is “in pretty good shape” at 92. He is in the process of selling his business and home. Irwin and wife Elise are moving to a retirement community in Southern California. Elise DeSeve Brown is being cared for for various health issues at home. Florence Blasko Foster misses Albany friends who’ve passed on, like Earllne Ken Thompson Sorensen, who was very healthy most of her life until the onset of a brain tumor. Florence is doing well with the help of her three children. Lila Lee Silva Harrington enjoyed the NYC Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra this summer at Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s 50th Anniversary. In Aug., she visited family in Vermont and New Hampshire; she also enjoyed sight-seeing along the Maine coast. In Sept., Lila celebrated the National Park Service Centennial. She drove to Acadia National Park, and enjoyed a boat trip on the Sea Princess with a stopover on Little Cranberry Island. Lila keeps in touch with Maggie Hosking Winne and Jeanne Bowen Walsh Gardner. Lila sees Joe Zanchelli ’49 and Joyce Zanchelli ’52 at a monthly luncheon. She spent two weeks with Leslie and family in Scottsdale, Ariz., in Jan.. Audrey Hartman White was very excited about The Ohio State University football season. She visited family in Salt Lake City, New York City, and Orlando, and stayed at Disney’s Boardwalk with Elly Rapacz. Audrey’s granddaughter from Wooster, Ohio just had a second daughter. Two of Audrey’s grandchildren relocated to Houston from Florida, Her grandson Sean is a student at Baylor Medical School. Basil Karpiak sent a photo of the golf course he built and operated, then sold to the CEO of an organization that teaches dynamic farming. He sent photos of his son, Basil, Jr.; wife; and granddaughter, who live in Norwich, Conn. Basil served as property assessor and chairman of the zoning board, Town of Gallatin, N.Y. He also served as a library trustee and president in Bethpage, Long Island. A golf course Basil designed and built is still operating next to the Columbia County Airport. He remembers a luncheon in Albany when Len Skolnik questioned a comment Sparky made (“Where did you get that from?” “I made it up.”). Edythe Kelleher Van Antwerp Colton of New Bern, N.C., wished everyone a happy holiday season. Her husband, Hank, passed away in 2012. Edythe stays busy playing golf and bridge and doing volunteer work. Mary Ann Watson, daughter of Rosemary Lessard Watson and Richard Watson ’51, informed us that her mother passed away in July 2016. Richard passed away in 2003. Ruth Marshner Boynton has three great-grandchildren. Contact your class councilor for Ruth’s mailing address. Rhoda Riber Mones and Mel moved to San Diego after retiring from positions in the Kingston, N.Y., area, where they were both born and raised. Rhoda worked as an adjunct faculty member at San Diego State University and Miramar College; Mel worked as a pharmacy consultant for a long-term health-care facility. They took a second retirement about 10 years ago. Both are 86 and using canes. They no longer travel to visit their two sons, but their sons enjoy visiting San Diego. Rhoda and Mel still play bridge and say that, all in all, they’re doing well. Malcolm Slakter and wife Nancy are enjoying life in Hawaii. They keep in touch with children and grandchildren through FaceTime, text messages, and email. Their younger son and his oldest daughter visited in Dec. 2016; his older son and wife visited this past February. Kay Stalker George married Hollis George in 1950. She has a daughter, two grandchildren, and twin great-grandsons. Kay worked as a legal secretary, a lab secretary, and a first-grade teacher. She retired in 1986 and started volunteering with Job Corps though the Delmar Progress Club, a community organization. “I have been so blessed with family, friends, and good health,” Kay wrote. When Harold “Sparky” Vaughn’s “large and very political” family gathered together for Thanksgiving, “never was heard a discouraging word.” In Sept., family gathered in Manlius, N.Y., to celebrate Sparky’s 90th birthday. While in Manlius, he met with the associate provost who has the same responsibilities Sparky once held at Syracuse University. Sparky devotes a lot of time to anti-human-trafficking activities, especially in Thailand and Lao PDR. He has 14 great-grandchildren. Peg Vonada Gittus of Peoria, Ariz., is widowed twice. She has four married daughters, 10 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, and now lives at Freedom Plaza, a Brookdale Retirement Community. Shirley Wiltse Dunn, 88, does not take any medication except vitamins. She married Jerry Dunn after college, then taught for two years at Bethlehem Central High School. The Dunns moved to Baltimore, where Shirley taught all girls and older students without high school diplomas. She and Jerry have four children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. They live in a ranch house in East Greenbush, N.Y. Since retiring, Shirley has written several books about the Mohican Indians who lived in the area and a book about the Fort Crailo Historic Site. She has given several talks on the old building. Jerry is doing fine and still plays golf. Renee Harris Barger of Huntington Beach, Calif., lost her husband of 50 years and moved to a nearby senior-adult community. “Every morning, I count my blessings. I’m in such a great place with loads of activities, beautiful, big trees and grass, and wonderful, friendly folks all around me.” Renee keeps in touch with Rhoda Riber Mones and notes that all is well there.

Class notes councilor: Harold “Sparky” Vaughn, [email protected]


Nancy Frey Pettinelli plans to sell her house in Brewerton and move to Missouri to be near her oldest son. Her friend Jane Cook Kealing ’51 has family nearby, and Nancy is looking forward to renewing their friendship. Nancy’s sons, grandsons and granddaughter are all involved in sports. Vickie Eade Eddy is very proud of her accomplished family. “I am blessed with five wonderful children and their spouses, and 12 grandchildren.” She enjoys running and biking. Vickie celebrated her 85th birthday with family in Niagara-on-the-Lake last summer. She taught for more than 25 years at Olean Business School. Tom Holman has spent many winters in his favorite hotel on St. Maarten. The location is now even more special: His grand-nephew proposed to his girlfriend during a luncheon Tom coordinated. Kitty Kloser Irons and husband Marty went on a riverboat cruise in Germany and Austria. One granddaughter has returned from Peace Corps work in Africa. A second granddaughter is now working in the Green Mountain College Admissions Office in Vermont. Their third granddaughter followed in the footsteps of her sisters and enrolled at St. Michael’s College. Kitty is in two quilting groups and a book discussion group; she also attends the theater and plays bridge. Madeline Weitlof Huchro is in the process of selling her Florida home and moving closer to her son in Charlotte, N.C. She will live in Carmel Place, which provides all the amenities she needs. Best of luck, Madeline! A red oak tree was planted on the Carroll University campus in Al Stephenson’s honor. Al spent a couple of months in Florida this winter. Maureen David Mullin volunteers in her community as a tutor. She will serve as a docent in the famous Santa Barbara, Calif., courthouse. Maureen is taking language lessons to prepare for a trip to Germany, where she will visit friends that she and her husband exchanged homes with for many years. She hopes to make a trip to Albany; Maureen shares many memories of SUNY Albany with her son and daughter-in-law, who teach at the University of Santa Barbara. Jane Minckler Jennings attended her grandson’s wedding at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Nov. with her daughters Shirla and Pam, her son from Virginia, and the mother of the groom. Jeanne Seymour Earle works at the library two days a week and takes in an occasional Broadway show. She is looking forward to visiting Joan Bennett Kelly and Maureen Davis Mullin in the spring. Jeanne says, “My calf’s valve seems to be operating according to schedule and my general health is fine.” Helen Pilcher Terrill lives in Midlothian, Va., with her daughter, Ann, and son-in-law, Doug Roberts. She enjoys quilting pieces for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, doing yard work, and attending church. Helen cares for her friends at Day Breaks Activity Center. Her dementia has progressed; it is difficult for her to remember nouns and communicate sentences, but she enjoys being with family. Shirley Feinstein Rosenbaum plays violin in the community orchestra and cross-country skis. She is a member of the League of Women Voters and two book clubs. Both grandchildren are in the Kentucky Youth Orchestra and take fencing and karate classes. Her grandson Benjamin celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in May. Joyce Leavitt Zanchelli and Joe Zanchelli ’49 celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with a week of activities on Chesapeake Bay. Joyce still serves as docent for the Yaddo Garden Association and is a board member. She participates in a book club, plans Young at Heart Adults (YAHA) programs and holds several responsibilities at church. Joyce is currently planning the Class of ’52 reunion, which will be held Sept. 15-17, 2017.

Class notes councilor: Joyce Zanchelli, [email protected]


Hello, Red Devils! It’s hard even to imagine, but June marks 64 years since we became graduates of State! In our hearts (but not in our mirrors), we are still those students who entered State in the fall of 1949. Jordine Skoff VonWantoch planned to visit her daughter, Lian, and celebrate New Year’s in Melbourne, Australia. Lian’s home was significantly damaged during an earthquake in Nov., but Lian was unharmed. Doug Nielson and wife Gail have been married 56 years. They visit great-granddaughters nearby. They’re very happy that all four of their children live in New York. One of their granddaughters is teaching English in Beijing and taking Chinese lessons. Doug has good memories from State and explained how he loved classes taught by Harry Price. Gary LaGrange updated your class councilor via Facebook. He and his friend, Milan, live in Oceanside, Calif. Gary spent a few months in San Diego, where he had served in the Navy. His three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren live in Texas. Gary commented that being retired allows little time to travel. He had cancer surgery and believes he is okay now. Howie Fenenbock and his wife celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Howie volunteers and visits his client weekly. He plays bridge and poker. This spring, Millie Foote Sheerin and husband Jim are visiting Florida for a third time with Joan Allen Balfe and her husband, Art. All seven of Millie’s children and their families attended a reunion on Cape Cod last summer. Millie is the grandmother of 17 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She and Jim recently acted in the Abbott and Costello skit, “Who’s on First,” as part of a talent show. Millie is involved in community theatre and recently played a comical dowager in “Leading Ladies.” A month after her performance, Millie fell down a flight of stairs and broke 13 bones, including pelvis, back, hip, and shoulder. She was nearly fully recovered six months later. Millie says she’s doing “pretty good for 85!” Irene Brezinsky McDonald was sad to report that Dan, her husband of 61 years, died last Oct. He was 89 and suffered from glaucoma. His love for music was honored at his memorial Mass, which ended with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Irene and her three children are focusing on all their joyous times and blessings. Owen Smith, 85, is enjoying life, marriage, classical music and being a sexton at his church. His daughter, Claire, is retiring from the European Union Commission. His grandson, Owen, has “retired” from Facebook at the age of 28. Evi Iglauer is an administrative law judge in New York City. She spends most weekends with her sister at a condo on the water in Long Island. Evi enjoyed a Mediterranean cruise from Malta to Nice last Sept. She tries to go swimming and snorkeling every winter. Evi stays in touch with Lita Krumholz Braunstein and Peppy Mintzer Sanders; both are doing well. Elva (Ellie) Purpura Ferris has four sons, four grandsons, two granddaughters, and now, a great-grandson. Jet David, her granddaughter’s son, was born last Nov. Her oldest grandson is a flight engineer in the Air Force; the next oldest graduated from Clarkson last year and is a civil engineer. The third grandson is in his second year of college, and the fourth is in sixth grade. Ellie’s husband of 52 years passed away in 2012. She lives in an apartment attached to the new home her son and daughter built on the former military base in Plattsburgh, N.Y. Marlene Southard Fleming had an accident six years ago; the injuries have kept her at home since then. Her son lives with her, as she is limited in what she can do. Marlene keeps busy knitting for charity and for friends, and reads often. Her daughter Ann died of pancreatic cancer two years ago. Marlene visits with Tilly Malouf Hecox when she is in Utica, N.Y., for appointments. She would like to reconnect with Sally Swanson. Louise Petfield Burns of Colorado enjoys views of Pikes Peak and the mountains every time she leaves her home. She visited her three daughters in Massachusetts and New Hampshire last fall, and her brother in Rhinebeck, N.Y., for the first time in five years. Louise and her youngest daughter visited the cemetery where her parents and paternal grandparents are buried. They had a “truly hilarious time” trying to do gravestone rubbings. Louise stays busy with church choir, playing piano for a senior group, and Bible studies, and helps to provide free meals to families and the homeless in Colorado Springs. She often reflects on the plays and musicals she participated in during her college days. Madelon Avallone Knoerzer and husband Frederic Knoerzer ’51 went to the same high school in Valley Stream, Long Island. They married on his graduation day from NYSCT. The Korean Conflict was going on, and Fred volunteered for induction after receiving his master’s degree. When Madelon graduated, she taught fourth grade in the Antilles School in Puerto Rico. Fred taught English to Puerto Rican soldiers. He passed away at age 73. Madelon has five children, all college graduates. She has six grandchildren, and a great-grandchild on the way. She served as a director of religious education in the Freeport Unitarian Church, where she and Fred started a theater group. They directed and acted in plays thanks to their education at State. (Miss Futterer was their very beloved mentor in theater.) Professor Catherine Peltz also influenced Madelon as a teacher. Madelon considers her years at NYSCT a highlight of her life and a great influence on who she is today. Peggy Smith Stafford lives with her daughter and has a great group of caregivers. She saw all of her children and almost all of her grandchildren at her 85th-birthday celebration. Peggy no longer travels. Hazel Jones Black of Remsen, N.Y., taught two years before she met and married a young serviceman named Herb Black. Herb was in the Navy and they traveled a great deal. After he retired, they visited all 50 states, all Central American countries, all the provinces of Canada, and many European countries. Herb passed away one year ago while riding a motorcycle. Hazel enjoys sewing and volunteering. Her son lives in Syracuse, and her daughter lives in Mississippi. Ray Gibb of Webster, N.Y., enlisted in the Army following graduation from NYSCT. He served his last year in Korea (1955-56) and worked in the inhalation-toxicology research field at the University of Rochester Medical Center, where he received a master of science in radiation biology. He retired in 2001. Ray and wife Judy reside in Cherry Ridge, a senior-living community. Rosie Hughes still volunteers at the library. She helps people with their genealogical research, writes a blog about coping with widowhood, and enjoys time with family. Rosie recently joined a book club; she also attends a weekly meditation group and goes on a monthly “adventure” with two of her nieces (past trips include museums, a casino, and a five-and-dime store). Rosie enjoyed lunch with Hank Koszewski while he was on the Mainland. He is still “high energy” and “charming”! Your class councilor reminds you that the Class of ’53 has a Facebook page: SUNY Albany Class of 1953. Please contact Rosie if you would like a digital class directory and/or would like to share news for the next magazine.

Class notes councilor: Rose Mary Keller Hughes, [email protected]


Sally Gerig MacLachlan lives at Beverwyck Retirement Community in Slingerlands, N.Y., and enjoys the community’s amenities and her friendships with fellow residents. She still drives, and her status as an Albany Camp of Gideons member and officer has kept her in the Albany area rather than in Binghamton, where family resides. Sally vacationed with her daughter on Cape Cod Bay. They’ve visited annually for over 50 years. She is very active in church and belongs to the Women of Wisdom group. John and Rose Mary Zongrone celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with family and friends last April. Three grandchildren graduated from college. First great-grandchild Brody was born in November 2015 in Arizona, and second great-grandson Niko was born in Aug. in Washington State. John and Rose Mary visited both great-grandchildren last fall. John Cooper and wife Terry went on a cruise through the Panama Canal with stops in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. They visited Quebec City and enjoyed a voyage down the Saint Lawrence River with stops in Nova Scotia, New England, Cape Canaveral and the Space Center. Mary Ann Frascatore Corsi and Carmen of Montclair, N.J., enjoy weekends at their New York City apartment. They spent a month in Naples, Fla., last winter and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with family on the Amalfi coast. Their children are doing well. Their first grandchild is getting married next year. Mary Ann and Carmen are planning a family river cruise. They maintain good health by going to the YMCA. Art Stone of Montauk, N.Y., spends most of his time writing novels. He published his first novel, New York City is Closed. Art and his wife are in good health. His daughter is engaged, and his son manages an Internet radio station in Kansas. Peter McManus; John Centra; John’s wife, Nancy; and friends went on a Panama Canal cruise. They visited Colombia, Costa Rica, Aruba and Jamaica, and enjoyed river rafting and ziplining. For a little while, “they were all young again!” Anne Sichel and husband Marty live at North Hill, a senior-living community in Needham, Mass. Their home features nice apartments, friendly residents and staff, delicious meals (and a pastry chef!). They stay healthy swimming and walking, and enjoy attending movies, lectures and live performances by Boston-area musicians. Their sons are doing well: David is field services coordinator for the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, Peter is a software engineering manager in Rhode Island, and Dan is an economics professor at Wellesley College. Jim Thompson and wife Carol had a fairly quiet year. They spent summer at Tupper Lake, N.Y. They have lunch with Bill Floyd in Albany once a month. Two grandsons are in the military: James Thompson IV qualified for Army Ranger training at Fort Benning, Ga.; Sam is a Navy swiftboat team member stationed in San Diego. Retired Navy Capt. Scott Thompson ’91 is a lawyer for the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C., and lives in Virginia. Donald Voellinger is recovering from a broken hip. Otherwise, he couldn’t be better and is enjoying retirement in New York City and Cape Cod. Corinne Moxham and husband Rodger are doing well. Rodger is moving slower and no longer plays golf. Corinne works out several times a week. They spent Thanksgiving with their daughter in Florida. One of her sons is a doctoral student at the University of Florida, where he teaches anthropology. Corinne and Rodger spent Christmas at their oldest son’s North Carolina home. They were joined by their youngest son and his family. Arline Lacy Wood and husband George moved to a senior residence in Millbrook, N.Y., after living in Yonkers 56 years. Naoshi Koriyama’s poem “Unfolding Bud” was reprinted in a high-school textbook in Australia. The poem first appeared in The Christian Science Monitor in 1957. Audrey Cahill Silveri spent winter in Ogunquit, Maine. She is retired from her position as director of the nursing program at Anna Maria College, Paxton, Mass. She has 10 grandchildren ranging in age from 31 to three, and most are living in New England. Audrey enjoys volunteering as a host at a railroad station in Wells, Maine. She says it’s interesting and “there’s something new every day!” She met up with Albany State roommate Inez Mallory Parker in Florida a few years ago. Beverly Brousseau celebrated the arrival of her second great-granddaughter last April. John Allasio and wife Margaret Allasio ’55 celebrated the birth of their third great-grandchild, John David, last April. Their lives have slowed down quite a bit, and they don’t travel much anymore. John enjoys golfing and bowling and is still looking for his first hole-in-one and 300 game. Pat Byrne Manning spent time on a working farm in Tuscany and visited Venice, Assisi, Orvieto, Sorrento, and Rome. She was there for the closing of the Holy Door at the end of the Jubilee Year of Mercy and visited many ‘pilgrim’ sites.

Class notes councilor: Joan Paul, [email protected]


Mary-Eileen “Mimi” Doan Finley died in March 2015. She taught English and business writing in Rochester-area schools for over 55 years. Mimi is survived by a daughter, Sarah, and son, John. Nancy Bush published her second e-book, The Buddha in Hell and Other Alarms: Distressing Near-Death Experiences in Perspective. She has also published Distressing Visionary Events: What to do when you’re there in the room, a handbook for nurses and EMT personnel. These works were preceded by her ground-breaking study, Dancing Past the Dark. All are available on

Class notes councilor: John Orser, [email protected]


Dom DeCecco marked two trips off his bucket list. He toured Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Week and the commemoration of the uprising last spring. He spent time in Northern Greece, Albania and Macedonia last fall, and found Albania to be modern, vibrant, clean and friendly. This spring, he plans to cruise the Adriatic and ports of eastern Italy from Venice to Malta. Carole Rising Martin attended a family reunion in Maine last summer. She celebrated her birthday on a family trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Aug. Marilyn DeSanta DeLorenzo and Marilyn Lynch Causey ’58 traveled to France and Italy in Aug. They stayed with Marcia Lawrence Gauquie and John Gauquie, and saw Diane Lynch while visiting Wappingers Falls, N.Y., in Oct. Marilyn also visited the Olana State Historic Site in Hudson, N.Y., the Biltmore Estate in Hyde Park, and West Point. Sheila Lister Bamberger and husband Hank toured Iceland last summer. Sheila invites all Class of ’57 members to submit class notes for the next magazine. Please make plans to celebrate our 60th-Year Reunion at Homecoming 2017 this Oct.

Class notes councilor: Sheila Lister Bamberger, [email protected]