Nora Lum, M.A. "11 (A.K.A. Awkwafina)
Essence Gant, M.S.W."11
Doug Mortman, B.A."01
Jacob Huddleston, B.A."06
Jerry Miller, B.A."98
Lucy Place, B.A."10
Michael Conlin, B.A."04
Spring 2017

Making Culture Pop

In this issue, we feature TV and Web personality and film star Nora Lum, B.A.'11 - also known as Awkwafina - and several other UAlbany alumni who are pop-culture favorites.

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L.J. Brock

A Collaborative Focus

Collaboration is key to the success of Citadel and its employees, according to L.J. Brock. B.S.’95, the company’s chief People officer.

Chris Mueller

Telling People's Stories

From his base in Vietnam, journalist Chris Mueller, B.A.’09, shares stories from Southeast Asia.

Ed Moser

"Pure Serendipity"

Think last year’s presidential race was contentious? Author Ed Moser, B.A.’77, could tell you stories about the elections of 1800 and 1860.

Robert Kaminski

Timely Expertise

By looking into instances of violence by and toward police officers, Robert Kaminski, M.A.’85, Ph.D.’02, hopes to suggest solutions.

Joseph Amodeo

Equality. Advocacy. Achievement.

UAlbany’s LGBTQ alumni address social concerns while promoting equal rights for all.