Vincent Schaefer, left, and Bernard Vonnegut, third from right, were among a group of Yellowstone Field Research Expedition participants in 1961. Behind the researchers is the Bombardier Snowcat that carried them into Yellowstone for that first expedition, which was originated and led by Schaefer

The Far Reach of UAlbany Alums

These men and women in medicine, the arts, fashion, literature and business exemplify the University at Albany alumni campaign theme: “Reaching Higher, Achieving More.”

Michael Maccari

A Good Fit

By Sarah Ammerman, B.A.'01

Looking back at his time at UAlbany, Michael Maccari says he wouldn’t change any part of his education. “Every piece contributes to the big picture,” he explains.

Suzanne Murphy

A Lifelong Love of Books

By Claudia Ricci, Ph.D.’96 

Suzanne Murphy is very grateful to the University for her own education, which helped her to launch a highly successful 30-year career in children’s book publishing.

Chris Corrado

Helping Others "Realize Their Full Potential"

By Claudia Ricci, Ph.D.’96 

Chris Corrado recalls how John Levato, then assistant dean and advisor, made him see how he could apply his major – business administration, with minor concentrations in math and computer science – in the real world of business.

Tom Junod

Reconnecting with Alma Mater

By Paul Grondahl, M.A.’84

Tom Junod has twice won the prestigious National Magazine Award, for which he has been nominated a record 11 times.

Susan Galandiuk

Biology/German Major Steers Medical Success

By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.’93

As fate would have it, Dr. Susan Galandiuk’s choice of double major at UAlbany would make a significant impact on her life’s direction.

Edward Fandrey

The Power of Self-Assessment

By Stephen Shoemaker, B.A.’02

With 17 years at tech giant Microsoft, Edward Fandrey, who has risen through the ranks to be the company’s chief of staff for Worldwide Sales and Marketing, admits the company’s corporate values are now part of his DNA.

Edward Fandrey

Consultant and Catalyst

By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.’93

“I enjoy helping clients succeed ... taking something from an idea on a napkin to an operating model is very rewarding,” said Robert Reid, founder and managing director of Vistrada, a management-consulting and venture firm.