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World War II veteran Ken Doran took a dream flight in a 1940s Boeing Stearman courtesy of Ageless Aviation Dreams. Ken, who served in the 8th Air Force under Gen. Eisenhower, was a lieutenant colonel and a Special Services officer.

Class notes councilor: Kenneth Doran, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: Glenn Clark passed away in July. Vincent Gillen celebrated his 96th birthday; he and Margaret celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary in the fall. Herb and Ruth Oksala moved to West Chester, Pa. Charles and Marion Quinn are now living in a nursing home in Cohoes, N.Y. Shirley Riffley Tooker moved to Valatie, N.Y., to be near her son.

Class notes councilor: Vincent P. Gillen, [email protected]


Martha Slingerland, Shirley Kessler, and Doris Burton Donley would like to reconnect with old classmates. Those interested in planning a reunion should contact Martha via email at [email protected].

Class notes councilor: Martha Gardiner Slingerland, [email protected]


In 2014, the Class of 1948 lost three classmates: Gloria Rand Winne, Anne Gilleo Vondra, and Marion Mieras Kirchhoff. Gari Paticopoulos spent a week in Delmar this past December with her daughter and family. She still drives her car around Florida and continues to be active in church. Gari’s oldest grandson, Philip, is general manager of a shipping company in Shanghai, where he lives with his wife. Gari’s younger grandson, Christopher, graduated cum laude from the Albany Academy in June and is now attending George Washington University.

Eleanor Alland has been living at Avila, a retirement community in Albany, N.Y., for the last 10 years. She recently attended her great-nephew’s wedding in Baldwinsville, N.Y., and traveled to Vermont with her son and daughter-in-law. Her oldest grandson, Robert, is married and lives and works in Foster City, Calif. Her younger grandson, Michael, works for Amazon and lives in Los Angeles, Calif. Both received master’s degrees from the University of California. Eleanor’s 13 year old granddaughter, Valerie, is in eighth grade.

Class notes councilor: Eleanor Holbig Alland, [email protected]

Class of 1949 poses with a banner at their 65th reunion last fall

Members of the Class of 1949 celebrated their 65th reunion in September.


A note from your class councilor: The Class of 1949 65th reunion was held Sept. 19-21. Those in attendance included Bonnie Totten Adkins and Lee, Fred Baron, Gerry Dunn and Shirley, Dolores Stocker Eklund, Ellen Fay Harmon and daughter Maureen, Gloria Maistelman Herkowitz, Bob Kaiser and Mary Ann, Bob Kittredge and Diana, “Freddy” Laemmerzahl Miller, Nancy Hellman Nitzberg, “Mickey” Seaman Rozwood and daughter Liz Novakowski, Betsy and Jake Schuhle, Bobbi Houck Van Tilburg and Gerry, Bernadine Snyder Wilcox and Robert, Joe and Joyce Zanchelli and Dick Zeller.

The high point of the weekend was the Saturday afternoon luncheon; following the singing of the Alma Mater led by Betsy, Bonnie shared a remembrance of our classmates who have passed away since our 60th reunion. Ellen gave an interpretation of Hamlet as seen through the eyes of a Brooklyn laborer, and a slide show of past reunions was shown. Joe read a 90th birthday poem dedicated to Jake Schuhle and Dick Zeller, both of whom became nonagenarians in October.

Bob Kaiser earned a high score on a historical questionnaire and received a UAlbany hooded sweatshirt. Saturday morning featured a trivia quiz of 26 questions pertaining to ’49 college life. Betsy Schuhle and Gerry Dunn finished in a tie, and each received a SUNY Alumni Association hooded sweatshirt. When the Kittredges and Zanchellis visited Bob Baker after the reunion, Bob took the trivia quiz and got a record 22 correct answers.

The success of the reunion was due, in large part, to the diligent reunion committee and Loida Vera Cruz, assistant director of Alumni Programs.

Don Dickinson donated $100 to the UAlbany Libraries in honor of the Class of 1949. The donation will be used to purchase books. Thank you, Don!

Schule family pose for a picture as they celebrated Jacob Schuhle's 90th birthday

Jacob Schuhle '49 celebrated his 90th birthday with four generations of the Schuhle family.

Family members gathered to celebrate Jake Schule’s 90th birthday. Congratulations, Jake! Bonnie Adkins and Lee were busy last fall. They attended a granddaughter’s graduation from the University of South Carolina and three weddings, visited a grandson at McGill University in Montreal, attended two family reunions, entertained friends from Georgia, Delaware and England, and attended the 65th reunion. They have seven children, 11 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Dolores Stocker Eklund attended the 65th reunion with classmate Fred Baron who did the driving from Long Island to Albany. Both agreed it was a privilege to be able to join other stalwart alums who came from near and far to celebrate! Dolores enjoyed the fall colors for three days at Woodloch Pines, a rustic resort in Pennsylvania.

Ellen Fay Harmon and husband Tom attended their grandson’s wedding in Syracuse, N.Y. on Nov. 15. The Harmons have 10 other grandchildren.

Bob Kittredge is now a member of the Dog Squad. The cheerleading squad of 10 women and four men – all from a senior-housing complex – joins the Fresno State University cheerleaders. Bob and Diana spent Thanksgiving with family in the San Francisco Bay Area; their visit included a luncheon gathering at his son David’s restaurant.

“Freddy” Laemmerzahl Miller enjoyed an early Thanksgiving family reunion; she visited her daughter in Wilmington, Del. Anne Sucher Raser traveled with her youngest son to Castro Valley, Calif., to celebrate the birthday of her great-grandson, Maxx Speed Raser. Ann also toured San Francisco and Cannery Row.

Ursula Neuhaus Schiff reports the sad news that her husband of 64 years passed away in August. She enjoyed a visit with her granddaughter in December.

Joe and Joyce Zanchelli attended their grandson’s beach wedding in Connecticut in the summer and participated in a Road Scholar program held in Warwick, N.Y. They were joined by Ben Jackson ’50, the best man at their wedding 63 years ago, and Ben’s wife, Gloria. Joe and Joyce were also invited to the Mepham High School Class of 1954 60th reunion, held on Long Island. Each of Joe’s former students was at least 78 years of age!

Class notes councilor: Joe Zanchelli, [email protected]